Sexy Move: Lie That You Just Want To Spoon

I’ve read the “what to do when your wife won’t have sex with you” post and the post on sexual teasing. Question: do I have to kick her out of the sack, or will a simple non-response do the trick? She refused my advances for sex and then asked to be spooned. Without a word, I just rolled over and went to sleep.
Well I’d only be so dramatic as to kick her out of bed if she did that nonsense thing of getting you halfway there and just stopped on you for no reason. Or having you work on her until she comes and then there’s nothing for you. I think it’s a fairly reasonable assumption that you’d be royally pissed off by that and failing to show that sort of natural reaction would be quite odd.
However she didn’t actually ask you to not touch her, in fact what she did do was ask was for you to touch her… with her in a somewhat submissive position. So I wonder if she just wanted more of a warm up.
I think in this case you might have been just better to play it up cocky and funny and said, “by spooning you mean rubbing your ass on my cock right? I would love to spoon with you. It’s so hot when you initiate.”  If she smiles and complies you probably got her halfway to a yes.
Once spooning you have a lot of skin pressed against each other and there’s plenty of opportunity to kiss the back of her neck, rub her ass, stroke her boobs gently and so on. Pulling her hair up and out of the way to get a good expanse of neck opened up is nice too. If she’s letting you do that it’s a good sign. Any little “contented sigh” is a good sign. Snuggling deeper into you is a good sign.
Keep stroking and playing with her until she relents or you get a firm “no”. It’s also possible to keep talking to her the whole time about the intense emotional connection the two of you share. It’s like a spiritual bond free of the base primitive needs to rut like a wild animal, it’s a precious special thing when the love you have for her surpasses the need to simply mount her like a stallion and fill her with seed blah blah blah, while the whole time you slowly grind your hard cock against her ass. Just keep talking until she starts laughing and rolls onto her back which is essentially the signal to go for her pussy. Kiss down her body and start with oral.
Of course if she does say no, it’s a no. It’s okay to hug for a bit, but break it early with a “sorry baby I’m just horny and cuddling is a bit of a tease tonight”.
The you ten second kiss her.
Then you say “I love you”.  Like you mean it. Not as an act. Never say those words as an act. Always with true and full emotion to your wife.
“But if you change your mind…. I’m the naked guy to your right”.  Keep it light and playful. Smile.
Then you roll over and head off to sleep.
But if she touches you after that… I would take that as her asking for sex. No words, just roll over and start up your best Cockzilla routine.
So anyway, spooning is a great way to get yourself in a perfect position to turn into a filthy octopus with hands everywhere. I think Jennifer gave up on spooning as “just cuddling” years ago. If I asked her “maybe we could just spoon” she’d just start laughing at me. I think after getting her ass coated in an ounce of pre-cum she just thinks actual sex is less mess. I mean after five minutes of spooning her ass looks like a glazed donut. I could eat that.


  1. Ill keep all that in mind next time. Thank you.

  2. Glazed donut-LOL What wife in her right mind would be able to resist what you described above?
    You're right on Athol, as always :)


  3. "But if you change your mind…. I'm the naked guy to your right".


  4. Thanks :-)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Incredible! Last night my wife reluctantly agreed to strip naked so we could cuddle. Then after I gently kissed and rubbed her for ten minutes she flat out said she wasn't interested and wanted to go to sleep. For the past ten years my reaction was always the same, argue with her, flop around in the bed all night, stomp around the house. If after that she agreed to have sex it was simply to stop my whining. So last night instead of the usual I gave her the long kiss and the honest "I Love You" and moved to my side of the bed. I immediately started thinking "what now" seeing as how this couldn't possibly work, but not more than a minute later she rolled over and put her head on my shoulder and hand on my chest. I rolled into her and dove right in – she was lovingly passionate the whole time. The really interesting thing is what happened afterward – all night long it seemed she was in total sync with my body, always staying in contact. Thanks Athol, this is a life changing event. — Martin

  6. Athol Kay says:

    Woo-hoo Martin!

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