Try A Rough Sex Experiment

If you haven’t tried having rough / very firm / hard sex with your wife, try a little experiment.
The next time you have sex, without particularly asking permission or announcing your intention, just pound her harder than usual. You can get her off first by fingers or tongue as the curtain raiser, but once it’s P in V time, just climb on top of her and go hard at it. Don’t worry about whether or not she will like it or will orgasm, don’t worry about how perfect your orgasm will be this time. All you’re testing out is how she responds to getting vigorously screwed. You can work on the finer points later.
If you’re worried about really injuring her relax a little. Vaginas are pretty solid things, they are after all designed to have 8 pound babies push out of there. Unless you have some sort of porn stunt cock, it’s not really possible to really injure her if you have enough lubrication down there. You cock is going to break before a vagina does. So give going rough a trial.
If she likes it, a good sign is her being unusually cuddly after sex. Another thing to look for is what is she like the next day? Happier? Doting on you? Smiling at you more? She cooked you a favorite meal? She made not even realize she liked it as much as she did.
Several years back I started trying rough sex on Jennifer. The first few times I tried really pounding Jennifer hard I was extremely nervous about it. It really didn’t seem a very nice way to treat someone and I honestly expected a negative reaction. I only starting thinking about doing it based on coming across a few things I read saying women liked it. But even though I felt emotionally awkwardly for doing it to her, I tried it anyway. I was quite surprised to find that my sweet shy naive polite quiet wife lapped it up like the head cheerleader. Plus instead of our usual post coital routine of me snuggling into her, she snuggled into me every time I tried it. Not once or twice… every time. The next day she would be just all giggly and a little silly with me. Huh… who knew.
So even though I was surprised by her reaction and I felt uncomfortable doing it, I knew enough to recognize that she did in fact like it. Over time I grew less worried by it and started really enjoying her reaction to it. It’s still not my favorite sort of sex, but I do enjoy it and she really likes it so it’s on the menu. It’s not the whole menu by any means, but it’s a reasonably frequent choice for us.
So give it a trial run if you haven’t already. She may just like it. And if you haven’t talked about a safeword, consider “ow!” the safeword for now.


  1. "likes" this post.

  2. David Collard says:

    I always pound my wife. I don't think it makes her particularly happy or unhappy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    "lapped it up like the head cheerleader"….

  4. David Collard says:

    She always snuggles or cuddles into me.

  5. I can tell my wife loves all this,I like to put her legs over my shoulders and pound ,During a particular dry spell during foreplay a couple of days ago I was due to reach for some lube but decided to spank her instead wow she juiced up lovely.
    In my house spanking > Ky gel

  6. Glad someone liked the cheerleader line. :-)

  7. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE rough sex…But I would find it really weird if my H was all romantic/sensual during foreplay then just switched into pounding mode right away when we started sex. There has to be some expectation so maybe be more dominant during foreplay so she kind of has an idea of what's to come (so to speak)

  8. David Collard says:

    Anonymous at 7:39

    You sound like me and my wife. Spanking lubricates her really well. I used to put her legs over my shoulders, but we are not so young any more and she is not that flexible these days.

  9. alpharivelino says:

    Girls love to be punished sexually. They need it. The rougher the better. Seriously.

    I could write ten pages on this. Maybe I will.

    Great post.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Went through a dry spell with the wife and the dam finally broke the other day. I had lot of pent-up sexual frustration and really pounded into her. She called it "animalistic" and "over the top".

    I suggested that next time it would be more romantic and gentle for her and she said "I hope not". :)

  11. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if maybe women are looking for Very Explicit types of male dominance more than in the past. Up till the 1960s or so men were Automatically dominant in a marriage just by virtue of being the husband. Then with the feminist revolution it was forbidden to even think about male dominance or leadership. Now maybe we are seeing a reaction and this is why there seem to be so many women looking for super-alphas, wanting to be spanked as part of foreplay, etc

  12. This is on the menu at our house as well. I've noticed the friendly little 'arm punches' invariably increase in frequency the day after some rough sex. I will also say, my wife has chronic back problems from an auto accident, and rough sex can make those flair up. So I usually wait for cues from her (ascending requests for "harder") before engaging in really furious pumping. But it is a nice spice to throw into the 'ol coital stew every once in awhile.

  13. Anon 11:29 I believe that is quite possible. It can be a sort of a channeled and defined element of dominance and submission rather than a 24/7 thing.

  14. David Collard says:

    Actually, I have noticed that as I have become more dominant in real life, my wife's need to be spanked in the bedroom has gone away. She hasn't asked for this in months.

    Women's liking to be dominated in marriage will never go away. Most women.

  15. Athol Kay says:

    Maybe they have an internal dominance quota.

  16. David Collard says:

    "Internal dominance quota". Yes. I tease my wife that I will spank her externally and internally.

  17. Regardless of position or how gentle he starts, my partner always ends up pounding pretty hard. I love it. It makes me feel desired.

  18. SOOOO I had a serious question… My wife really likes it rough… name calling, slapping (anywhere I found out as of today) and good old hair pulling. The interwebs is constantly showing me that women love that shit and men love to do it. In fact, they love it even more when the ward off other men with their sexual prowess (how mature of course….). But as you can tell, I’m not to keen on it. I’m a dirty guy… love the butt play and the porn like sex, but NOT the rough at all. That’s my cute little sweetheart, the love of my life, my wife; and I don’t think she’s a dirty little bitch, and “good girl” should be reserved for our future daughter, not her sexual amusment. I support her cumming, don’t get me wrong, but how is it that when she cutely asks “Rough this time?” how to I get excited about it too? I don’t like it, period, and I have a hard enough time cumming without jamming my dick into a pussy that has a appears to turn into concrete at the speeds I’m asked to pound it. I want to enjoy it too. (and as a side note, even when I get it my way with all the butt play and slobbery head I want, I still have a hard time cumming. Got anything for that?)

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