When A Woman Suddenly Loses A Ton Of Weight

Losing weight is hard work. Most people struggle with it for years and years with minimal progress.
However when you see a woman suddenly start making tremendous weight loss progress, seemingly out of the blue, regard that as a very serious marker that “something” is up.
The weight loss can be for very good reasons – a doctor scared her straight about the oncoming diabetes and she got her crap together finally. Maybe you lost weight and she’s following your weight loss with her own.
The weight loss can be for very bad reasons – she’s fed the hell up with you and has decided to get herself in shape to shop for a better man. Or there’s already a different man in mind that she’s getting in shape for.
The worst thing to do as a husband is simply watch this weight loss happening right in front of your face for 6-12 months and simply assume she’s “just doing something for herself” and enjoy having her become more sexy. You have to make a determination fairly early on as to what her goals are. If it’s for “shopping for a better man”, then you need to get your stuff together asap and make yourself sexier too.
But if you are both 6’s and she spends a year turning herself into 8 while you stay a 6, you’re pretty much screwed. Specially if you keep bragging to your friends about how your wife is getting so sexy these days…


  1. How true.

    I just witnessed that with my former female boss: she was massively overweight and had to almost entirely stop eating overnight for health reasons. Every 3 months for a whole year she had to bye a complete new wardrobe. She gained 2 to 3 points in the attractivity scale. She became a new woman and certainly felt and behaved like one.

    Well, what happend to dear hubby in the meantime? Out of the window. She went to see a divorce lawyer after about 9 months into this.

    This was a very clear example of the value-balance model of attractivity this blog is advocating.

  2. Victory Unlimited Show says:

    Good Post and good site too!

    You're right in that a man sure as hell has to monitor WHATEVER changes that he sees his woman starting to make——-especially when "he" is not a significant factor in those changes.

    I often advise men that ANY sudden changes in behavior, be they weightloss or other big self-improvement steps that their woman takes is most likely due to an outside interest——an "other guy" outside interest to be exact.

    This is definitely why it's critical for men to continue on a constant path of posiitve change and self-improvement in all areas of their life. I believe that if a man stays the focal point of his woman's (wife's) attention, then she'll spend more time tryng to keep up with HIM than the other way around.

    This is an "odd" but TRUE fact of life, but I believe it is still a fact of life nevertheless.

    - Victory Unlimited

  3. If your wife is on a major weight-loss program and you DON'T KNOW WHY, I'd say that marriage has some big problems already.

  4. Pol Mordreth says:

    @ Anonymous: not necessarily.

    Think of the women that are always dieting. All the husband sees ai a closet full of old Jenny Craig food, the lapsed weight watchers membership, the treadmill gathering dust in the family room. She constantly talks about this diet or that special food that will help her lose weight. It becomes background noise. Something changes that all of a sudden makes her serious about it, and guess what? Your first indication is 3 months later when you realize that her whole wardrobe is different.

    You don't know why, you just know that all of a sudden she finally got serious about her weight. That isn't big problems. Probably just the small, mundane problem of 'coasting' within the marriage. I've seen this exact scenario.


  5. Most husbands learn not to ask about the weight out of self-defense. Nevertheless you should notice 1-2 months of serious working out.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The biggest point in all of this is to know your wife. Women are intelectualy attracted to men. They realize that men are physically atracted to them. If you were intelectually atractive enough to get her to marry you and then put her on the back burner and she started stressing out and put on a few pounds. There will come a day when the light will go off and she will change her focus and start becoming more atractive to other men that are intelectually atractive to her. She wants to be noticed. Notice her, and know her. Give her the attention she deserves.

  7. fa1b0592-8798-11e0-a0c9-000bcdca4d7a says:

    My wife has started losing weight for 2 reasons:

    1) A girlfriend lost all of her baby weight from two kids. Granted, she didn't work at the time and could afford gym and trainer fees (husband's family business does well).

    2) She's noticed the weight I have lost. She even comments on it in a mock upset tone.

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