A Quick Line To Use

Here’s a simple line to use any time you see a woman verbally harassing a man, or trying to maneuver him into completing a task for her where they have no established relationship.
“Oh wow, I didn’t realize you guys were dating.”  Importantly the tone is playful and an element of mock surprise.
The woman usually bursts out laughing every time I’ve done it, plus they usually stop ragging on the other guy right away. It’s a big win for you in that the other guy is usually relived that you pulled the woman off him, plus you’ve effortlessly passed a fitness test she threw out. Advantage you.


  1. Simon Grey says:

    Or, if a girl is trying to do this to you, simply say "Oh wow, I didn't realize you were my girlfriend." Same tone as above, and just as effective. And pretty funny, at least in my experience.

  2. Yup done that one as well.

  3. Badger Nation says:

    Found this in your fitness test post that has bearing on this post:

    "The I'm A Cute Girl Test – A request to comply with something simply because she has asked for it in a coy seductive manner and being a boy you are powerless before potential pussy. There's usually some sort of inflection of voice that tips this off. The request is usually an attempt to get out of doing something or avoid consequences. Usually it's best not to comply and find a way to get her to do it if she is perfectly capable of it."


    Susan's recent posts have waxed on femininity…somewhere along the line, a wedge of women decided that feigning incompetence was a core feminine strategy to get chump-men to do things for them. A man simply reversing this mental process goes a LONG way towards upping one's game and also screening for high-maintenance mates. (FWIW I find whining begging, even when done sexily/coyly, to be a big turnoff).

  4. Hey if guys rush out and do crap for a woman just because she bats her eye lashes, then more power to her. She's just not going to want to have sex with them is all.

  5. Susan Walsh says:

    Pretty funny. Just one note from the other side – when a woman is acting possessive around a guy, like she owns him, the same line can be very effective. I've seen men time and again deny it – "Uh, oh no, we're not dating!" Very useful tactic for female intrasexual competition. It lets a woman know she's got a shot.

  6. So, what exactly are these things the women are asking about? I see no examples. Does this apply at work for work tasks — I delegate a lot to male coworkers because most of my coworkers are male and need to do what I needed done? Do crap? I mean are we talking 'install the new light fixture' or 'load the dishwasher'?

    And, I'm posting a comment because I find the site interesting and I was browsing the fitness test section. (Oh, also, I'm female and married.)

  7. Mac – did you catch the "where they have no established relationship" part? Obviously female supervisors are going to ask males they supervise to do things. That's fine.

    It's more where a female is seeking to palm a task off she should be doing onto a male and is needling him into doing it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ah, I read the link in another comment, to an earlier set of tests that have specific examples — but they did imply a relationship.

    I share the disdain for "The I'm A Cute Girl Test" and totally get that. Guys are equally guilty of the "I'm A Cute Boy Test" where they leave their breakfast dishes on the table then act like not putting on a shirt yet means you'll carry their crap to the dishwasher for them. You are straight on with this one, but I consider it a completely reciprocal test. Right?

    All the rest on that page were very fair and reasonable and seemed to apply to either the male or the female in a relationship. But all of them seemed about a relationship.

    I'm still not clear what a task is a woman /should/ be doing that she might palm off to someone she isn't in a relationship with.


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