I’ll Be Your Star Trek Girl

So remember this post…  Dominance and Submission in Marriage: The Captain and First Officer Model? If you haven’t read the original post, it’s one of my more important ones.
Have a little listen to this and catch the lyrics from 0.48 to about 0.56… I believe I’m flattered by her imitation. Though I’m a little disturbed by her wearing a Next Generation uniform while those in the background dancing are wearing the original series uniforms. Though she does redeem herself at the end with the red “Expendable” T-Shirt. So classic.
Hey I’m a geek, deal with it. Back in the day I lost interest several times on girls that couldn’t tell the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars. I’m mean seriously, big boobs are great but you still have to set the IQ bar somewhere right?
One of the things that I liked about Jennifer from the get go is that she liked science fiction. We’ve spent hours together hanging out and watching science fiction stuff together and she always gets a frame of reference joke. So I guess she is my Star Trek girl… though after dark though I’m more interested in the Princess Leia slave girl thing.
If you don’t like Star Trek, I apologize for the loss of 4:55 minutes of your life.


  1. You bet Anthol! Liking sci-fi is a requirement for me. I don't care how hot she is.

  2. ElectricAngel says:

    If you haven't read the original post, it's one of my more important ones.

    Correction: it's your most important one. "One of" is so, uh, submissive and womanly.

    Perhaps a reader survey where each person gets to choose three of your posts, with a 5-3-1 voting system like for MVP in baseball will reveal… Qualification: All voters must have bookmarked or quoted at least one post.

  3. Liking sci-fi and anime are both requirements for me. LOL

    Now, I'm wondering if she was looking in the mirror in the still at the beginning. Isn't the communicator pin always on the left side?

    Anyway, I still like your blog, even if the music for this one makes my right eye twitch. hehe

  4. Athol Kay says:

    Electric Angel – Well it's in the top ten in the sidebar.

    Octavia – yes the still is reversed. Comminucator pin is on the left and the rank pips are on the right side of the collar.

  5. HarmonicaFTW says:

    Babylon 5 all they way. All my women must be a hybrid of two species.

  6. One problem, she's the captain. You would so need to be promoted first.

  7. Sorry her pips say captain and she says she'll be your #1. Hmm, sorry these are the things I notice. And I so married a geek girl. ;)

  8. Athol Kay says:

    Yeah I noticed that too Jason.

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