MMSL Makes the Top 100 Blogs

I’m always pleased to accept an award. This time I make the Top 100 Blogs list from
Others from the friends and family department making the list…
I love how I got put in the Gender War division rather than the Home and Family division. I feel all dangerous and edgy now…
…it puts me in the mood to do Jennifer with the jumper cables and the butter.


  1. Won't the butter cause the jumper cables to slip off?

  2. I'm going to have to high five you over the internet. Give it her good!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is off topic but I wanted to know if I am crazy or not. I am a 54 year old white male, never married, well-educated, very successful executive. I have been thinking of potentially getting married and having children. There would be absolutely no financial issue at this point, but the presumed age gap with my as-yet-unknown wife would be very substantial (15-20 years plus) and I wonder if that is at all workable. I would worry about having a child whose grandfather I could be, and about how old I would be (if lucky) at various stages of his life. On the other hand, and this becomes a bit metaphysical, isn't it better to be born to an older father than never to be born at all? After all, lots of children are born in less than optimal circumstances. Being realistic, supposing I did find a woman in her 20s or 30s who was interested (which I actually think I could based on recent dating experience- they claim men their age are too commitmentphobic and only looking for casual sex) in marrying and having children, I am realistic enough to assume that she would eventually leave as I got old and she is still young. However, the children would exist, and that would really be one of the main goals in the first place. I see celebrities having children in their 50s, but not so many normal people. I was almost married a few times over the years, but couldn't quite pull the trigger and have simply focused on my career the last number of years.

  4. thetitanproject says:

    Good job Married Man

  5. did all your female readers leave this place after you stopped whispering sweet nothings up their egocentric asses?

  6. Anon – it's quite possible and you seem realistic about the arrangement. It's all about finding the right woman as the starting point though.

    Simno – No clue, I'm just writing for men and if women show up that's a bonus in readership.

  7. Happy in MD says:

    Hey, here's one faithful fan who happens to be female, and I took a break from shy lurking to let you know how much I appreciate your blog, Athol. Once upon a time, I was a doorknob's turn away from being a walkaway wife. Fortunately I put my hand on my computer's mouse instead, and found this phenomenal, real world resource for my husband and me. We've experienced a total transformation in six months, and I'm so glad I stayed. I would have missed seeing a gorgeous alpha male emerge from the shell of my husband of 25 years.

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