Peach and Zelda Catch Up


  1. Funny AND revealing about the true nature of women. Imagine that!

  2. she needs a number says:

    Athol I've been reading your blog and was wondering how I can figure out my sex rank. Maybe you could start a ranking service where ladies email you naked photos?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lol, I saw this on Facebook and immediately thought of emailing it to you. Foiled!

    I like how at the end the alpha/beta tropes are slightly subverted by Zelda and Ganondorf's couples yoga.


  4. (r)Evolutionary says:

    Anonymous, Ganondorf is uber-alpha & clearly can get away with beta stuff like couples yoga… Ganon delivers the ass-slap at the end with the best line: "I'll show you girl-time!"
    To which Zelda replies "PLEASE do!!"

  5. Badger Nation says:

    Haha, this is a great instance of "be this guy/DON'T be this guy."

    DON'T be this guy: "I feel like I'm his whole life."

    Be this guy: "sometimes I get kidnapped on purpose."

    Be this guy too: *slap*

  6. Athol Kay says:

    She needs a number – I'd be happy to oblige if you want :-)

    Though I've also said that Sex Rank is best understood as a metaphor rather than fighting over the finer points of numbers.

  7. she needs a number says:

    Thanks! I'll have to take the photos more towards the summer, when I get back into bikini shape…

    I just need an objective third party. I think my husband (and his friends!) only give me high numbers because I'm the one getting the pizza and beer for guys night! If I feed them they'll say anything.

  8. Athol Kay says:

    I'm from New Zealand… technically it's summer…

    You know you wanna.

  9. Heh, this was perfect.

    It´s satire but in fact the actual truth about women. Especially the bit where the relentless work on "betafying" their "dreamy" supposed alpha bad bois is working too.

    Love it.

    Maybe all is not lost with men and the creeping subservience towards females.

  10. She Needs a Number:

    Getting the pizza and beer do objectively raise your sex rank, so the high numbers are legit. Don't let that stop you from sending Athol your photo, though …

  11. RE: She Needs a Number
    Anthol, you have a great deal going here. Maybe I should start a sex blog.

  12. Matt – it's an awful lot of work if the goal is to get pics. I'm just having fun here and taking it as a compliment.

    Of course if I do get pics, that will be awesome preselection leverage on Jennifer :-D

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