Play Blue’s Clues or Maybe You Lose

I hang out on The About Marriage boards a lot and have noticed a fairly frequent pattern to the story of a man losing his wife or having her caught up in an affair. To be fair, there’s about an equal number of stories of wives losing their husbands, but I tend to focus on the guys to be honest.
So anyway it all goes like this;
Phase One: “Hey I’ve noticed that my wife has been doing *list of blindingly obvious things pointing to an affair*  is this something to worry about?”
Then the board tells them to keylogger her computer, GPS tag her car, put…
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  1. Just finished reading one of the extensive affair threads at that site. I feel some sympathy for the guy, but it's insanely frustrating to read his posts because he's so hesitant to take action, so gullible, and such a wuss.

    How did millions of years of evolution produce a man who can so easily be taken advantage of?

  2. Anonymous says:

    YES :)

    Have you read the ebook, "Women's Infidelity"? The prose may not be the best, but as a female I can tell you that the information is spot-on.

  3. The first 13 seconds of this is a good summary of a lot of those cheating wife scenarios:

    LOL, "you're embarrassing me." It's meant to be a parody, but it's spot on. Weak man, blameshifting wife.

  4. modernguy says:

    Why even get married? If you're going to spend your life with the added burden of having to keep some fickle bitch entertained on top of everything else you have to do, you might as well get some variety and autonomy while you're doing it.

  5. Badger Nation says:

    "he's so hesitant to take action, so gullible, and such a wuss."

    Family courts screw men, but I'm convinced that two corroborating factors are incompetent counsel and what we've got here – a party to the case who refuses to cop to the right mental attitude (that attitude being one that is in line with reality).

    Family friends are currently going through a divorce; the husband wants to get out and move on with his life, and the wife is totally unwilling to accept that if she doesn't fight for a fair settlement no one is going to do it for her (lawyers can only do what clients approve them to).

  6. ModernGuy – you completely miss the point. Some women only cheat after being endlessly ignored and expressing clear and reasonable unhappiness to husbands. When they act out negatively, it's a natural consecquence rather than a fitness test.

    Relationships take effort.

  7. modernguy says:

    What constitutes 'ignoring' her is determined after the fact. A woman will cheat for any number of reasons, depending on her (lack of) character. An honest woman who isn't happy and doesn't see a way forward can ask for a divorce. And when people say relationships take work, that means it takes work on the man's part to keep her happy. Women love to talk about how much work a relationship takes, yet they don't have to do anything more than stay pretty and cook. Its always the man that has to run the obstacle course to keep her happy, whether that's the obstacle course of "game" or the supplicating subservience "betas" run.

  8. Athol Kay says:

    Modernguy – Let me put it another way.

    You're in competition with other men for the sexual favors of women. Women like fucking quality men and being quality takes effort.

  9. Seriously, how do men complain about women 'always playing games,' yet don't bother to take notice when she says straight out what she'd like from you? No games, no shit tests, just -tells- you what she'd like? Really, it's ridiculous to ignore her.

  10. modernguy says:

    Thanks for enlightening me Athol, I wonder what quality means to you considering what kinds of men women do fuck.

  11. Modernguy – some women fuck terrible men and have terrible relationship attitudes. Some women fuck quality men but have unreasonable relationship expectations. Some women fuck quality men and have reasonable relationship expectations – which demand that both the partners give their all to the relationship emotionally and in terms of pure effort. No need to generalise or tar all women with the same brush.

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