Two Plus Two Equals Fourplay

Jennifer is good at math, but she’s not good at Math with the capital M.  She can balance a check book and loves playing money saving coupons yada yada yada, but the kids Math homework just sends her into the unhappy place. Give her a 6th Grade word problem and she might as well be looking at a green screen of the Matrix with all those symbols cascading downwards.
So me helping with 6th Grade Math Homework Assistance is quite positive Beta Male skill and a mad display of value. Ok I gotta be honest here, it’s just nice to see some pure geek stuff come around to full circle and have someone expressing sexual interest for it. I can do algebra and I’m not ashamed.
I’m down on my hands and knees using the tile in the kitchen to explain square footage to youngest and suddenly she gets it. Thankfully we have tiles that are exactly a square foot making that easy. Also explained what a square root was to youngest and I’m upgraded to the minor deity that explained “what that button was on the calculator”. You’re welcome baby, you are welcome.
Eldest is currently doing a month long science fair project on “the effect of the day of the week on prices in virtual economies”. Which translated into fun means she monitors the prices of various common trade items on her World of Warcraft server for weeks on end. Guess who thought that one up… Superdaddy Deluxe that’s who. I’ll help crunch the numbers with her in about another week or so. It does make parenting odd when you have to demand “have you played Warcraft yet?” to a 13 year old, but there we go.
As an aside it’s a little frustrating watching eldest play… I could probably up her damage dealing 50% with an hour of coaching but she detests my assistance so far. Apparently Superdaddy Deluxe doubles as a backseat driver a little bit, so I just bite my hand and quietly rock back and forth. Leveling up in Warcraft has been made so easy now that a baby smashing the keyboard with a toy hammer can hit the level cap, so she gets away with a lot of sloppiness which annoys me. Once she gets up to raiding she’ll come asking for help though, I just know it. So I’ll just wait on that.
Youngest is doing a science fair project on “does virtual practice improve actual performance?” Which in the language of fun means we’re all going bowling to establish a baseline, then we’re all doing a fair bit of Wii Bowling, then we’re all going bowling again to see if we got any better because of the Wii. Also there will be pizza.
Jennifer has been impressed with all the clever ideas for science fairs and is utterly relived that I do the Math homework. It definitely a Beta skill, but if you’re in good with a woman’s kids and can teach and lead them it just builds her comfort in being with you way up. The Beta stuff doesn’t really turn women ON, but in a marriage lacking Beta can turn women OFF.
Oh and the science fair idea trick… just Google “Science Fair Idea” and sort through the hundreds of ideas on the Internet. But if you have a Wii, the bowling one is just brilliant. When your wife bowls it’s a perfect opportunity to be caught looking at her ass.


  1. Cool, thanks for the Beta tips. Not enough of that around.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Waiting for the boys to be old enough for CS:S

  3. The Outsider says:

    Balancing checkbook: Arithmetic (addition, subtraction, etc., girls can do it).

    Algebra and up: Mathematics (abstract stuff, girls cannot do it).

  4. Athol Kay says:

    Actually Jennifer's mom has a Masters Degree in Math and until she retired was a Professor of Computer Science. Her Dad was a software engineer / IT guy as well. So apparently this stuff can just skip a generation. Or maybe she's adopted or something.

  5. Anonymous says:

    There is an institution that has been working for years to teach young men, and they do it in an entirely different way than our state education system. This institution is the military. The classes have been created for men by men, and they are different.

  6. "The Beta stuff doesn't really turn women ON, but in a marriage lacking Beta can turn women OFF."

    So what do you call it when your husband spends as little time with his kids as possible, but isn't alpha either? Is that just being a lousy beta because he doesn't have those comfort skills?

    My husband was never good in school, since he was too busy smoking and being the class clown. So he hasn't been much help with homework since the kids have been out of early middle school. It's ridiculous because he's the computer geek and I'm the one with the useless liberal arts degree.

  7. Michael and Jennifer says:

    I'm getting the feeling that you play WoW as well. Any chance you feel comfortable sharing what server you play on and possibly a character name? I would love to look you up sometime and chat, or at least recognize you if I catch you in a random or a battleground.
    Server: Blackwater Raiders
    Character: Bukki

  8. I'm basically retired from competitive raiding which I did mostly in orginal WoW. Was in the #1 guild on Gilneas for a while and did some server first kills in Blackwing Lair. Jennifer got sick around then and I had to step out of serious play for a while. I just play WoW now when I want to completely zone out and ignore the world.

    I'm chatty on Facebook though.

  9. This is the first time I've heard WoW described in a positive family context. Makes me laugh for some reason.

  10. Anonymous says:

    So what did your daughter find? Is everything cheaper/more expensive in the weekends, or only some (which?) types of things?

    BTW, I play a resto/moonkin druid.

  11. Athol Kay says:

    The science project is done. She looked at cloth prices and in all cloth except Embersilk there is not really a discernable effect in price change based on day of the week. But in Embersilk the weekday prices are fairly stable, but jump 50% on Saturday and about 40% on Sunday.

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