A Big Day of Beta but with a Happy Ending

We’ve been sick. I’ve had a semi-mild sore throat into sinus-something into a week of congestion and bad cough that have finally seemed to have come to an end. Jennifer has done something similar as well for the past week and a half as well. I actually ordered her to bed without sex on Thursday night she looked so awful. I stayed up leveling up my priest on World of Warcraft. Said she felt better on Friday, so no doctor visit.
So anyway, we’re finally stopping being sickish and limping through work and I have all of next week off to really churn out the final edits of the book and just be done with the damn thing. I’m so mentally done with nursing, I’ve done all I can do to make things better at work with streamlining the paperwork and training. It’s all just maintenance of a system now. So I’m very happy to not do anything nursing related for a solid nine days.
Which of course is a perfect explanation of why I was at the hospital with my parents-in-law for 4-5 hours yesterday. Jennifer had to work, the girls not so interested and I planned to be there for a long time as mom-in-law needed to do something in the afternoon as well. Anyway, dad-in-law had a touch of this and a something else that he’d been fighting off for a week, then to the ER, admitted, IV and anti-biotics and a couple of boring days and he’ll be out. Just that being in hospital sucks, even if it’s a good hospital and the staff are nice. Yes it’s Beta, but I wasn’t thinking of game – if you give a damn you go visit.
So I hung out for a few hours. We chatted, watched the UCONN game, father-in-law slipped in and out of sleep and awake, I cleared my email and wrote a post. I’m sure you all get that I like Jennifer, but I like her parents too. Mom-in-law never went off to do her thing, so all a waste of time in one sense, but I didn’t want to leave either. Very peaceful there for some reason. Mildly awkward moment when I said if they needed anything during the next few days to call me as I was off work and didn’t mind helping out. They questioned why I was off work and I couldn’t remember whether or not Jennifer had told them about the blog, so I just said I had a project to finish off. I mean how the hell are you meant to explain to your in-laws “I write about your daughter’s vagina on the Internet”?
I got home later than I thought and discovered Jennifer ashen looking and in a fetal position on our bed. Stomach cramps from the bonus round of GI upset that hit her in the early hours of the night before. She’d struggled through finishing up her booth at the fair and just come home and bottomed out. Crap – I’m a nurse again… medicated her for that and we’re all hungry but we’d delayed grocery shopping for the hospital visit. Crap.
So turned the oven on, then shot back out and collected two crispy crust pizzas (on sale!) at the store and raced back home. The girls and I had pizza and Jennifer stumbled out looking a little better and I tempted her with bread sticks into eating a little something. Kissed her softly on the cheek and whispered she was off that night as well. Just get some rest, I don’t mind.
We sent the kids to bed and I settled in for a few hours play of Warcraft again – I can’t fall asleep easily without having sex unless I’m really exhausted. I need that surge of hormones to switch me off at night. In fact usually I have a 5-10 minute nap after we finish, then I wake up and kiss Jennifer goodnight and only then do I fall asleep for the night. Without that I’m usually just lying awake next to her until like 2am, just up… both ways.
But I never got to log on and play; sometimes all the Beta stuff does pay off. Jennifer wasn’t at her best yet, but she’d recovered enough over the evening to offer a handjob of the cum on her breasts variety – probably the one that requires the least effort on her part.
“You don’t have to do this, I said you could have the night off to rest.”
“I know, it’s okay.”
 So I graciously conceded the debate. I’d tell you how the handjob went, but I’m quite sleepy.


  1. " I actually ordered her to bed without sex on Thursday night she looked so awful. I stayed up leveling up my priest on World of Warcraft."

    Priestly celibacy indeed.

  2. LOL Badger.

  3. Nurse question for Athol:

    What meds do you use for your family when they have that barfing/diarrhea bug stuff? Immodium makes the stomach cramps worse for us and the kids gag worse every time I try giving them Pepto.

  4. I'm a little embarrassed to say this, but as a woman I'm slightly worried about Jennifer's enjoyment of the sex. I'm sure everything is fine with it in reality (obviously nobody from outside the relationship can really know what is happening inside of it) and possibly I'm projecting my own past experience with a boyfriend who would push sex on me when I did not want it (not force, but wear me down until I just agreed so that it would be over and done with already; needless to say, that is one of the leading reasons why he is now an ex). So I am worried about the framing of the sex in this post like a job for Jennifer and no sex a "night off".

  5. Anonymous above: I was thinking something similar so I am glad you addressed it. I know I am doing some projecting of my own feelings since I am sure that I would have been "off" for the whole week of the sinus/cough thing. I know that Jennifer is one in a million but one of the reasons I read the blog is to try to get some hints on how to adopt a little bit of that Jennifer-attitude. Another one of those Jennifer answers questions posts would be great.

  6. @ Anon 2:42,

    I'm obviously not speaking for AK, but the reality of marriage is that sex is the "wifely duty." Men generally need more sex than women. And there are certainly techniques like AK details that will increase a wife's interest. But sometimes, a wife has to do her duty.

  7. @ Anon 2:42, see "Anon @ 4:15"

    As a wife myself, I do sometimes feel like sex is my "wifely duty," though I know what you mean about feeling a little forced now and again. There are also days when I don't want to cook or do the laundry, but those are my "duties" too.

    The hard part about calling sex a "duty" is that it's definitely a more personal and exposing one than tossing clothes into sudsy water.

  8. Jennifer (aka Wifey) says:

    Athol just told me, "you have to go read the comments…people are worried about you!" Thank you for your concern, but maybe you're misunderstanding the tone of me having a "night off". This is just our catch phrase, not me feeling like sex is my wifely "job". (easier to talk about it in front of the kiddies if you can use the phrase "night off" and know what the other person means) True, our default setting is "yes, sex please", but that's the default for both of us. I enjoy our sex life, and if I'm not in the mood for something he doesn't push me. Also, not every night is blog-worthy…sometimes it's just "a quicky" and that's okay. He will initiate and suggest, but not push. It's no fun to have sex with someone who isn't into it.

  9. Athol Kay says:

    I'm not sure what is more amazing – the fact that I managed to get Jennifer to finally comment, or that I had to rescue it from the spam filter.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, Jennifer for answering my question. I thought it's probably all good because you two have been married for a long time. But thank you for confirming that.

  11. Athol Kay says:

    Actually Anon, one of the things we figured out last year is that I'm Jennifer's "kink". She'd never done anything beyond kissing a boy before me, so she pretty much sexually imprinted on me completely.

    We'd had some frustrating conversations where I'd try and find out what she was into, or try and get her to explore something new, and it never really excited her. But then if I just did something new and different, she was into it.

    Finally I realized she's just submissive and I'm her kink, so I can do nearly anything and she's going to like it. So there's no forcing required… the only time I have to force her to do something is to NOT have sex with me and go to bed when she's sick and tired.

  12. Getagirl says:

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