Be Playfully Mean To Girls Because They Like It

I remember a common occurance in my younger years – seeing an endless variant on boys being playfully mean to girls and having the girls squealing in outrage. Buckets of water tossed on them. Icky spiders tossed on them. Mud flicked at them. On and on and on. It was always something thrown at them that they didn’t want.
I was always appalled because that’s not a very nice way to act. On rare occasion I might say something about it and tell the boys off and tell them to stop being mean, or offer the girls my towel to dry off or whatever. I also struggled to date. No correct that. I couldn’t buy a date with a suitcase of money, my parents’ booze and a limo. Even worse was that frequently…no correct that…even worse was that all the time, the sunbathing girl that got a bucket of water tossed on her started going out with the guy that threw the water.
You treat girls well and they ignore you. You treat girls bad and they want you. That makes no sense. Is the world broken?
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  1. Last night on the train I heard a girl squeal "you're such an ASShole!" to the guy she was delightfully allowing to grope and kiss her in public.

    If you've been raised in a genteel Christianized environment like I was and Athol and Keoni, learning what really turns girls on will blow your mind. It took years for me to accept it, it so clashed with what my elders wanted me to believe.

    (Funny how Jesus did a lot of preaching about the true nature of humanity and how to mitigate it, yet so much of modern faith pretends that if we deny our very humanity and pretend WE are incarnations ourselves by virtue of faith life, we won't be subject to the same faults and impulses that plague every other human.)

  2. I am typically shocked if my other doesn't take a chance at killing me with a snow ball or spray gun. Even more shocked if we walk by the Nerf isle and I don't get hit by a foam sword.

    It doesn't happen often that he forgets or is too busy, but I really do get a kick out of it.

  3. I guess I am an odd bird. I have always liked the "Mr Nice Guy" and I married one many years ago and we are still together. Even when I was a teenager, I preferred Clark Kent to Superman. Kind, thoughtful, considerate = swoon. Telling the mean guys to quit bugging the girls? I think the teenage me would have liked the teenage Athol.

  4. I don't think that every woman has the same idea of "asshole" in the playful sense in their minds. Some women want to be secretly desired in public (maybe they are slightly voyeuristic), others may want someone who has childlike qualities (whips out the nerf gun for a surprise sneak attack). Some may like the snarky commenter… in the funny sense.

  5. Unfortunately Anon, you clearly weren't around :-)

  6. @Nate – that's very true. I'm a sucker for a good playful verbal sparring. As long as you both know it isn't serious it is a LOT of fun (especially if those around you aren't quite so sure).

  7. alpharivelino says:

    genius story. push pull at its finest.

    open the garage door = pull

    throw snow at her = push

    courteous and thoughtful but spontaneous and slightly dangerous.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Good grief, you game people; everything's like a freakin' plotted action. Once you're married, you should have gotten the gist of how to be with her, naturally, and what limits she has (whoever your specific "she" happens to be). Splashing a girl is not mean; playfully pushing her is not mean. But you gave some examples that, had it been me, would have resulted in tears from me and scratches on your face. You toss snow in my car and it wets/ruins one of my books, I'd be majorly pissed and swearing at you. You throw a spider at me..there'd probably be a mixture of screaming, vomiting, tears, and lastly swearing, kicking and clawing your skin off. Not fun? Tough *ucker, you asked for it. One thing I've realized from game is that men are still clueless about women as a whole; the basics of game, self-confidence and smoothness in a male, will always be attractive. So will spicing up sex in marriage, but that's where things are more complicated, because different women like different sex, have different thresholds for meanness, and different reasons for it. You know the most important basics for animal attraction, but you still don't know what kind of man every individual woman wants (beyond the confidence and intelligence thing), how much each one wants in all the various areas of marriage, or why. This is where deeper things come in; you found those deep things with your wife, but for the dumb young buck who ventures across your site, they'll probably lose a few girls and a few teeth before they find Princess Happy Legs. Who, if they're lucky and discover deeper and more lasting truths, will one day become Princess Happy Heart.

    Take care, Athol. Hope you and Mrs. Kay do find God.


  9. "If you've been raised in a genteel Christianized environment like I was and Athol and Keoni, learning what really turns girls on will blow your mind"

    Keoni has an unusually trying wife and is one of thse alphas scared to damn death of losing his uber-tough frame; his methods are sure as hell not for every girl. Some of this stuff is due to women loving playful attention, or any; on the more extreme level, it's related to women who just have weird reverse-psychology issues and go for jerks.

    Jennifer 6

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