Book Title Part Two

How is this for a title…
Married Man Sex Life: Being the Husband that gets His Wife
Hopefully male buyers think “gets” means sex, and female ones think “gets” means understand. Win-win?


  1. Improving Marriage: Unlock Your Inner Athol

  2. Depends if the picture on the front is humerous or not.

  3. Married Man Sex Life : Is it really possible?

  4. My wife runs the kids about regular as a stay at home mum (I work shifts so not always available to do this),one of these is the sons football class,she has made comments about some of the fathers there that are running there kids around,one in particular she says is very funny and is always cracking jokes (a group of parents sit on a viewing area together).But last night she said she sat in the car alone and she emphasised how bored she is sat around waiting for 1 1/2 hours waiting for the class to finish.
    Is she testing me here I can't read into this she says all she ever does is run the kids around.

  5. Oscar Almgren says:

    I'd say you have a winner right there.

  6. Athol- Best title yet.

    Anonymous – Read back a week or two, there are recent blog posts addressing exactly that.

  7. Workshy Joe says:

    "Marriage: A Survival Guide For Men".

  8. The Outsider says:

    Don't include a grammatical error in the title! "Being the husband WHO gets his wife."

    "Error" might be a little strong. Let's say it's not preferred.

  9. Just a College Girl says:

    I think I prefer "Be the Husband Who Gets His Wife" or "Become the Husband Who Gets His Wife." "Being" just seems so…not pro-active or something, or maybe like it's an autobiography.

    I also like Workshy Joe's suggestion, but I do think it would be an excellent idea to plug your website in the title of the book, as you'll get blog readers who for some reason aren't aware you're writing a book, and you'll probably pull a lot of readership from people who liked the book and want more.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, but I'd have to agreee with Workshy Joe.

    "Marriage: A Survival Guide For Men".

    I'd buy that, even if I had no idea what's in it…


  11. Anonymous says:

    The Alphabetacle Guide To Marriage

  12. You might want to try testing different titles through Google Adwords or something. Tim Ferriss describes how he tested different titles for his book and was able to find the one with the best response. Basically, you buy ads for your (not yet published) book with different titles and see which gets the best click-through rate.

  13. Just a wife says:


    The Outsider and Just a College Girl are right on with their nit-picks about word choice. I'm a writer, so I done make good words for a livin'.

    How about "Married Man Sex Life: How to Satisfy Your Wife AND Yourself" for your title? Because the whole thing you're going for with the blog is how to be 1) a better version of yourself and 2) the husband/lover she's dripping for.

    Sorry, but "gets" the wife is so lame. You've already "got" her because you're married, right? I want to know what reading this book can do for me/us.

  14. "Marriage: A Survival Guide For Men" would drive away 85% of the potential buyers instantly. Why would a woman buy that book? Women buy vastly more books than men do.

    Still thinking…

  15. dave in the cave says:

    I like
    - Married Man Sex Life: How to Satisfy Your Wife AND Yourself
    -Married Man Sex Life: Become the guy who gets his wife

    Why not put up some different wording and have your readers vote on what they'd like best? You could probably get both men and women to say how they react to a title.

  16. R. Stanton Scott says:

    Sex and the Married Man: Getting the Wife

  17. Sam Bryner says:

    you could say…

    Married Man Sex Life:
    How to use the Male Action Plan to give women what they really want

  18. Jack Amok says:

    I suppose it's better than "Be the kind of guy your wife gets the hots for".

    Or, "Married Man Sex Life: Make her tingle again."

    we know what's tingling. She may even have an idea…

  19. Don't want to be Mr Critic but I liked "Married Man Sex Life: How to have the marriage you thought you were going to have."

    It makes clear that the book's target is the _marriage_, not just cracking the wifely code, and sets it up as a mutual project should the wife decide to join in.

    I think "being the husband" does sound passive and supplicating, and it makes it sound like it's all the husband's problem. Another one of those "men need to COMMUNICATE more" beta kind of things. I worry that will turn a lot of guys off to it, and if their wife gives it to them they might see it as a nag, "oh she got me this how to be a better husband book."

    One man's opinion.

  20. Beau Nertaun says:

    Athol, I thought your idea was pretty solid. My first impression was, as you anticipated, "gets" his wife in bed. But then I read your explanation and looked again. I do reckon most women would think it meant "understand"! I like it.

    It's more subtle than a lot of other suggestions, and you definitely want to stay away from "PUA" crap in the title. All the unnecessary lingo (does one ever have to say "kino" instead of "touch"?) is one of the main reason the PUA community is regarded by outsiders as a collection of pathetic weirdos.

  21. I agree in principle with Badger. You don't want to supplicate to the woman to get her to buy. In fact you want to game her a little. "Married Man Sex Life: destabilizing your relationship for fun and pussy" would be a better title than any so far, just because it's so controversial. Man up the title a bit, but in a gaming way.

  22. eagleclaw says:

    Married Man Sex Life: When 1 + 1 is no longer 2

  23. Anonymous says:

    Assuming that this book will fall under the self-help genre, I would market to the greedy and horny little bugger inside all of us. Possibly look at Cosmo headlines to see how they market to women. I suggest something along the lines of:

    Your Best Sex Life: Keep the rip-your-pants-off passion in your relationship.

    You are teaching people to run long term game on their "partners" i.e. wives, bottoms, fems. etc. You don't really need to limit yourself to marketing to married men. I believe that it is mostly women that buy relationship self-help books and you want them to at least purchase it and hand it to the men in their lives. This may be the best way to get larger numbers of books into men's hands, which is one of your main goals that ties in with the whole getting stinking rich issue.

    I understand wanting to have the title tie in to the your blog, but ultimately are you going to make more money selling books or by monetizing your blog? You could place quite prominently on the back and in the author's notes and then people can be directed to your online money maker that way.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Of course I realized I could google my title AFTER I already posted. Good news is "Your Best Sex Life" is Oprah approved, so maybe my marketing genius has something going….

  25. The Outsider says:

    Or how about breaking out of this stupid trend where every book needs a subtitle? You never saw these, and for a reason.

    A Tale of Two Cities: Legal Eagles in Paris and London.

    Hamlet: A Tale of Dithering and Revenge.

    The Holy Bible: Stuff about God All in One Place.

    The Koran: The Other Side's View.

    An American Tragedy: A Social Climber Makes Some Mistakes Along the Way.

    True Blood: Because Writing Down What Happens Is Easier than Making Things Up.

    I say, No Subtitle. "Married Man Sex Life." Full stop. A true alpha doesn't explain.

  26. dave in the cave says:

    I vote for R. Stanton Scott's suggestion "Sex and the Married Man: Getting the Wife." Maybe change the to your.

    Someone above said you shouldn't limit your book title to the blog title and I agree. Put your site on the book somewhere and let people see it. You can always say that the book is based on the blog too.

    What happens if you write a follow-up book someday? Are you stuck naming that after your blog too? That would really limit your titles.

  27. Jack Amok says:

    Great point by The Outsider. Why does everything need a subtitle? In light of that, how about:

    "Married Man Sex Life: If you need a subtitle to explain it, this book is for you!"

  28. haleyshalo says:

    I agree with Badger. Just name it "Married Man Sex Life: Have the marriage you thought you were going to have." (I would drop the "how to" because the book will be categorized in the self-help/relationship section, anyway. It'll be implied that it's a self-help book. Also, I think the imperative is more appealing.)

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