Female Sex Rank Calibration

This is JANE…          this is also Jane.

Fifty pounds lighter, more skin showing, trimmed hair, a slight heel, a splash of fire engine red and most importantly a dress.
Female Sex Rank is fluid and can swing wildly as they balloon up or slim down, dress up or sweatpants it down, do it like rabbits or do it like something that doesn’t do it very much at all.
Maintaining a high Sex Rank takes effort for a woman. It might take 2-3 hours of daily effort (working out can suck up over an hour a day) for her to look like a 9, but 10 minutes of effort to look like a 6. So rather than waste effort and over do it, many wives simply calibrate their Sex Rank to whatever their husbands Sex Rank is.
Half the reason I advocate increasing your own Sex Rank is simply to give your wife a higher Sex Rank to calibrate to. There’s nothing you can say to your wife that can ever convince her to “this time… really try and lose the weight and look sexier.”  But if you start looking better and fitter yourself and she “just decides” to start working out and getting her nails done, then shes calibrating herself to you.
Once she starts looking sexier, dressing sexier and feeling sexier… she’ll probably just want to be sexier as well. That’s where your penis comes in.


  1. gameforomegas says

    Humor is an indicator of relaxation, which is critically important with women. Nothing happens if you aren't relaxed.

  2. Anonymous says

    I have increased my sex rank rather significantly over the past 6 years…from a 6 to an 8 or 9 by getting promoted (making more money)…working out and getting fit (athletic build) and correcting unattractive behavior. My wife's sex rank has either stayed the same or gone down one. I don't think she cares….

  3. Jack Amok says

    Anon 2:27 – perhaps you haven't raised your sex rank as much as you think. 8 or 9 is pretty high territory. Are you being realistic?

    Making money isn't an automatic boost. Are you spending 90+ hrs per week making it? Are you so exhausted from work that you're nothing but a couch decoration when you get home? Do you show sexual interest in your wife? Are you sure you have the right ideas about what is and isn't unattractive behavior?

    If you're sure of the answers to all those questions, I suspect Athol has some advice for the next step.

  4. Anonymous says

    Question for AK:

    My girlfriend was a solid 9.5 when I met her. She's still quite hot, but she's gained a few pounds and now spends less time worrying about makeup, fashion, etc (work and other obligations take their toll). I have stayed in relatively good shape, gotten a significant raise, etc.

    Here's my concern: If a woman decreases her sex rank and you keep her around, doesn't she begin to perceive YOUR sex rank differently? I.e., if she suddenly drops weight and looks great again, and if my sex rank remains unchanged from when we met, to the present, and through the future, does she perceive my sex rank as being lower than it was when we met?

  5. Athol Kay says

    Yes she might possibly view your rank as having dropped in the meantime.

    I believe women also marry men for their potential too though. So the concern is really whether or not you have lived up to the potential she saw in you.

    Ambition is a factor in male Sex Rank.

  6. lifeinlonglegs says

    Women DO calibrate to their men, in both directions. Very insightful. And? Effective considerate idea to work on yourself to motivate others towards change.

    Theoretically, and in my personal experience, in reality, this should mean that a man dating a woman with a lower 'ranking' [whatever validity their is to such a subjective scale] should and could expect her to improve rank quickly.

    But if that were true, everyone would be looking for hot, smart… but fat women when seeking an LTR. You can't change facial ugliness or IQ spontaneously but you can lose weight. Interesting thought.

  7. Athol Kay says

    If she has a lower Sex Rank than you, you shouldn't get into a relationship with her because that will effectively reduce your Sex Rank to her level. You should just encourage her to look hotter and hint clearly that you'd date her then. Every time you see her a little lighter, you should show a little more interest.

  8. TrophyWife says

    Men calibrate, too. During my pregnancies, my husband packed on 15 pounds. After the kids were born, we both lost the "baby" weight together.

    It doesn't seem to be conscious on his part. Just happens.

    But I do like your observation that being a female 9 can take 2 hours a day, whereas being a 6 may take 10 minutes. Now that I have kids, it's a trap I've fallen into. Wonder if I could be a 7 if I just spend an hour a day… ;)

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