How a Bad MMF Leads to Polyamory Weakly

From Polyamory Weekly: “After losing his wife to his best friend and acknowledging he is comfortable with swinging, Tony asks if he should be poly.”
At first I just laughed out loud – he couldn’t even handle a relationship with one woman, how is he capable of handling a relationship with more than one woman? No don’t do that, you just can’t handle it.
I never got around to posting on it, but it stuck in my head. Now that I’m looking at it again, it looks a little different.
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  1. By The Sword says:

    Having another penis in the vicinity while you are banging your wife/girlfriend is very gay. Maybe he should just forget about women altogether?

  2. By The Sword:

    I think you're retarded. And that level of homophobia is what's really gay.

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