I Need A Title For The Book

I’m getting closer to finishing the book, but I’m struggling with coming up with a title. Here’s the crap that I’m not liking totally so far.
Seducing the Woman of Your Means
Married Man Sex Life:  (and some sort of subtitle… “knowing what women really want”)
An Applied Evolutionary Psychology Approach for Male Preferred Mating Frequency in Modern Dyad’s
How To Tame Your Shrew
Making the Best of The Worst Mistake of Your Regrettable Life
Harry Potter and the Submissive Wife   (everything Harry Potter related sells and I’m ok with selling out)
So anyway, I’m tired after writing all weekend. Someone throw me something….


  1. H says

    The Best Sex A Husband Can Get

    Still F*CKING, 365 Days A Year

    He Isn't the Man I Married

    Finding Your Balls in Marriage


  2. Anonymous says

    There is another book out there "How to get your wife in bed" otherwise I'd say that or something similar.

    I do think you need to have "Married Man Sex Life" as the main title and some subtitle about getting the best sex from your wife.

  3. Toz says

    Stop sleeping on the couch
    Everything you think you know about women is wrong
    How to get your wife into bed
    Restoring butterflies
    Understanding married women

  4. Anonymous says

    Just married man sex life.

    Also, why does your blog use Captcha? I'm sure you don't get enough spam to justify making every single commenter go through this ludicrous process.

  5. Badger says

    "It's Not About The Cock: My Journey Back to Sex"

    or try a graphic novel format:

    "400" (after your reported 400 lays last year)

    What you have at the top of the page is a great one:

    "Married Man Sex Life: How to have the marriage you thought you were going to have." (hat tip to after40sex, getting the wife you always wanted is also a great subtitle.)

    Assanova also has the right idea. I'd buy a book called Winning at Marriage, it plays into a man's competitive instincts.

    Then you need a collage of juicy cover art, including:
    -The drawing of the spoons
    -A guy laying tile
    -The dad on the surfboard with his daughter
    -The stuffed rabbits stuffing each other
    -The women in Halloween costumes
    -Cartoons of swimming sperm
    -Lions mating
    -One of those art-deco paintings of curvy women snuggled up to her man

    Your "About Me" paragraph is perfect for the flap/back of the book.

    In any event you should stay far away from any Promise Keepers-esque "how to be a great husband/how to be the guy your wife will want to sleep with" titles. You're not marketing more supplication or moral-obligation literature; this is pure self-interest you're selling (enlightened as it may be).

  6. Micah says

    I think the question comes down to where the emphasis is going to be. Do you want to market this more as a sex book, or more as a lifestyle book?

    If sex, something like:

    Sex Every Day
    Hot Married Sex For Men
    Married Man's Sex Life
    Bang Your Wife Hard (jk;-)

    If lifestyle, something like:

    The Married Man's Manifesto
    Married Men Strike Back
    The Marriage Revolution
    How Men Can Take Back Their Marriages

  7. Micah says

    Love Assanova's suggestion. I might switch up the title and sub-title: Winning At Marriage: A married man's sex life

  8. Sai says

    Alpha + Beta = Gamma

    I am the Alpha/Beta/Gamma and not the Omega

    (Take your pick of the three traits, and put "not" in very small letters to better fit the original line – or – transversely, use it in big bold letters to emphasize what not to be).

    Be This Guy

    (I like it as is but maybe you could also add your title as a sub "An Applied Evolutionary Psychology Approach for Male Preferred Mating Frequency in Modern Dyad's" but I caution one thing, I've read that line several times now and 4 out of 5 times I read it as dating vs mating.)

  9. Ari says

    The Taming Of Your Shrew

    It's a bit more compact than the "How To Tame Your Shrew" that you put up there, and it echoes the Shakespeare better.

  10. Susan Walsh says

    I agree with Badger – MMSL is the best title for the book. That will also drive a ton of traffic here. For a subtitle or tagline I think you should work in "by which I mean doing it like rabbits." I've always loved that.

    Athol, do you already have a publisher? If so, they may have ideas too.

  11. Christopher says

    In honor of Vince Lombardi…

    "It isn't everything, it's the only thing;
    Athol Kay's Playbook for Scoring with Your Wife."

  12. Athol Kay says

    Hi there, long day at work.

    I do believe the MMSL has to be in the title. I purposely choose MMSL for keyword SEO at the beginning.

    I don't think I can use the word "winning" in the title because for some potential female buyers, that may trigger the thought of "does that mean I lose?"

    Badger… you overstate my frequency at 400. I believe I've only claimed 330 at max. I'm not a machine :-)

    I will be self publishing of course. I don't have a couple years of begging for publication to just get a 6% split and minimal marketing push. The Createspace splits are 40-60% depending where it's sold and the blog is the marketing push.

    Should I get a great sales run and a publisher express interest with a suitcase of money, I will review things.

  13. Chris says

    Married Man Sex Life: Don't Worry, Your Life Isn't Over
    Married Man Sex Life (That's Not an Oxymoron)

    Either of those work? :)

  14. Simon Grey says

    Maybe look into Lulu for self-publishing. Also look at Amazon's setup. I believe you get 70% on eBook sales, and they have an on-demand printing option for physical copies. In fact, Amazon is pretty author-friendly.

  15. Anonymous says

    I really like Susan's suggestion of "Married Man Sex Life" subtitle "By which I mean doing it like rabbits."

    One thing, though, you'll probably want to do some Googling on whatever title you choose to make sure it's not close to someone else's. They can sue you over that.

    Do you have an ISBN? You'd need to apply to the Library of Congress, but I think it takes awhile longer than you have to get one…

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