Running Game on Batshit Crazy Women Doesn’t Work

When you run game on a normal woman, she generally responds positively to your efforts. If you’re being Alpha she normally feels more attraction to you, if you do something Beta she normally feels more comfortable with you. You just ping pong her with Alpha and Beta and pretty soon she’s in love and loving you. She doesn’t mind laying down with her legs apart while gazing at you with bedroom eyes because this is normal behavior for a woman that is highly receptive to a particular man.
Which leads to the question, “What happens when you run game on a woman who is batshit crazy?”
Well if you are doing something Alpha, this threatens them, so it triggers an acute episode of being batshit crazy. This will look like a Fitness Test, but it’s not a Fitness Test, it’s just them being batshit crazy. In a Fitness Test there is some sort of subconscious plan being run by her Body Agenda, to test to see if you can respond to her with appropriate dominance. When someone is formally diagnosed as being batshit crazy and is having an acute episode of behavior, they aren’t caring whether or not you pass their test, they are just being batshit crazy.
When you do something Beta for them, they quite enjoy it and lap it up because being batshit crazy actually takes up a great deal of effort. However you get no points for doing anything Beta for them as their relationship comfort with you can’t improve properly. Batshit crazy sufferers are always deeply disturbed and can’t be pleased or comforted, so you typically waste your efforts in doing Beta things for them.
Generally with someone that is batshit crazy, you don’t even really have a chance to run game on them because you are too busy coping with them being in one of the five stages of being batshit crazy, which are;
Phase 1 – Threatening to be batshit crazy.
Phase 2 – Acute Crisis: Actually doing something batshit crazy.
Phase 3 – Recovering from the effects of being batshit crazy.
Phase 4 – Being really nice to you.
Phase 5 – Suddenly realizing that you are an asshole for not meeting their demands in Phase 1.
This cycle repeats endlessly.
I just don’t think that Ten Second Kisses, sexy text messages, flirting, cooking dinner and playfully fondling her in the shower will work on someone that is like this.
The only really effective way of dealing with someone that is really batshit crazy is some combination of: leaving the relationship, finding an effective medication regime and using emergency services as is appropriate. Should they become violent or engage in property destruction, call 911. Even batshit crazy people understand tazers.


  1. Miles Anderson says:

    How did you know one of my favorite phrases was "batshit crazy"? Actually I think your logic doesn't just apply to women.

    On a somewhat related note I claim there are 4 types of people you will deal with in the world. They are really a combination of their ability to communicate and their rationality. Sure, all of us have good and bad days. But generally we fit into one of these buckets. Independent of how rational a person is if they can't communicate you really don't have to worry about dealing with them. They sabotage themselves. Rational people who communicate well rock. Irrational people who can communicate well really suck. You know what they are saying/doing is nuts but often they appear to be saying/doing things that are appear rational to others. If you don't have to deal with the situation run, don't walk, away from these people. If you have to deal with them in work, or god forbid, a relationship then it is just going to be a load of pain. Stay non-reactive and on target. These are the "batshit crazy evil" people.

  2. Wow, so you have met my mom. It is incredibly difficult to figure out how to be a decent human being and the wife my husband deserves, when my role model growing up was well non functional. For what it's worth, this blog is certainly helping unravel a few of the things I guessed were important, but never knew why.

  3. To learn more about Batshit Crazy, otherwise known as "Borderline Personality Disorder" (BDP)Check out these links:

    Roy Sheppard "Personality Disorders of Dangerous Women"

    Dr Tara J. Palmatier – Shrink4Men

  4. Oh snap… I married BSC. *cry*

  5. Susan Walsh says:

    Athol, what percentage of women do you think fit this description? I don't mean at the level requiring psychiatric care necessarily. I do feel like plenty of women are 75% there, though. Part of it is entitlement and narcissism, I think, but it leads to batshit crazy (unreasonable) behavior.

  6. To the man who is in over his head, the only explanation for a woman he can't control is that she must be "bat shit insane." Athol is a clever dude, and I've learned a lot reading his blog, but his limited romantic experience with women may be hurting him here. There just aren't many humans out there who have failed to be reproductively functional. A shit test you can't handle is still just a shit test.

  7. Anon 8:05pm – You know I'm a nurse that works with psych patients right? Once you have a partner that is diagnosable, you can't simply game them and hope to be successful.

    Susan – not sure on the percentage. If you feed into entitlement and narcissism it will get worse over time though.

  8. Susan, I don't think 75% of women are batshit crazy. It's way lower, even if it seems way higher. They key is in Athol's post where he says "This will look like a Fitness Test, but it's not a Fitness Test, it's just them being batshit crazy."

    The flipside of that is "This will look like them being batshit crazy, but they're not batshit crazy, it's just a Fitness Test/" Most women without a reasonably Alpha man in their lives will appear to be batshit crazy because they will be constantly running Fitness Tests, looking for someone to pass them.

    Really, I think the only way to tell crazy from a Fitness Test is how the woman reacts to a man telling her to knock it off and behave herself. If she suddenly starts acting reasonable and mature, she's normal and it was just a fitness test. If she ups the ante, she's just batshit crazy.

  9. My ex has BPD, She is the bat shit craziest person ive ever known.

    It's like she was PMS 24/7 and when she actually did have PMS she turned into Satan.

  10. OMG Anon She sounds awful…

    But I'm LOL at the PMS reference.

  11. Hi Athol,

    As a Kiwi and a Psych. I agree with you. If she is grown, she should be using grown up ways to cope.

  12. R. Stanton Scott says:


    Since you say nothing specific about just what behavior qualifies as "batshit crazy," I wonder if what you really mean here is not "you can't run game on crazy women" but "women who don't respond to game must be crazy."

    You are basically saying here that women who reject men who intentionally try to "game" them–that is, use a script to fake alpha traits they do not have–are by definition insane. ("Well if you are doing something Alpha, this threatens them, so it triggers an acute episode of being batshit crazy.")

    One commenter characterized this as a "fitness test." Are the "batshit crazy" women really just women who don't need to test men when they "run game" because they already see through the bullshit and call you on it?

    I think so.

  13. Athol Kay says:

    Stanton – I didn't say anything explicit to define "Batshit Crazy" because I linked to the Wikipedia page summarizing Personality Disorders.

    I think you missed clicking on the link.

  14. R. Stanton Scott says:

    Yes, I know you linked to the WikiPedia "Personality Disorders" page, and I clicked on it.

    Are you saying that every woman suffering any kind of personality disorder will respond poorly to men who claim alpha traits their lives and behavior suggest they don't have?

    Or is it just that women who refuse to bed men who "run game" on them must be crazy–since they don't respond in the way you think evolution has programmed to?

    Trust me when I say that your claim comes across this way to someone who questions "game" premises.

  15. Athol Kay says:

    I'm saying there are limits to what it can do Stanton, it's not a magic bullet. I'm in contact with a number of men in what appear to be hopelessly abusive relationships, who earnestly hope that game can salvage happiness from it. Sometimes I just have to suggest they get to a safe place.

    When all is said and done, "game" is a streetwise version of behavior management and isn't just about getting sex. Sometimes the questions I get are about drinking, violence, drug addiction, cheating, divorce and what appear to be quite genuine mental illess issues.

    Game / behavior management can go some of the way to helping these issues, but a husband working alone in the face of genuine mental illness will very likely meet little success. It's very easy to be overwhelmed.

  16. Anonymous says:


    …….Makes me wonder if i'm batshit crazy.

  17. … and what about batshit crazy men?

    My (soon to be) ex husband is one of those … some odd combination of Aspergers, bipolar, and psychopathic behavior. I have an RO on him and he still pulls shit tests on me. [He was not like this when I married him. Blame his midlife crisis.]

    I know this is a blog for men to learn to deal with their wives, but there are a few men who are just plain nuts.


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