Sexy Move: Get Her Half-Drunk for Valentine’s Day

Clean up on aisle 5 continues into Monday. At this point we’re just tired.
I got Jennifer a bottle of cheap wine and a handwritten home made folded up piece of paper card-like attempt. I’d say it was a pro Skittling move, but the fact is I can’t be bothered to buy a $4.95 card to go with a $10 1.5 liter bottle of Barefoot. The wine is to get her half drunk and switch her from being “easy” to “like shooting fish in a barrell”. Wine Game is fairly effective if you’ve never tried it.
She’s making turkey BLTs for dinner. This is because bacon pleases me and she’s scampering about in please me mode. More importantly bacon was on sale this week and she had a coupon. I would try thinking about whether or not she is more excited about pleasing me, or pleasing me for $1, but I’m about to eat bacon so I don’t care.
That’s about it and my sandwiches are here.
Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot…


  1. Holy fuck those were good sandwiches. I'm so full.

  2. Speaking of right foot, left foot, give her a foot rub
    for V-Day.

    Foot rubs lead to leg rubs, leading to _____ rubs and then it's all good.

  3. Next sexy move: wandering around Walmart in dirty track pants hollerin' at the kids. +1 for Don't Give a Fuck.

  4. Modernguy – kids that misbehave get taken out of the store at age 2. They never forget it.

  5. Awww Athol, you were suppose to pick up the K&Y Yours & Mine at Target last week for $14.99, get a $5.00 giftcard, and a free card!
    Then not only would you have a card, but also a good deal on lube! (You know you need it)

    You know…you can still get $7.00 off if you like them on facebook!/kycouples?v=wall . Go to Special Offers.

  6. Ian Ironwood says:

    You know it's love when your wife makes you a sandwich after sex.

    I know it's love when my wife doesn't make me a sandwich after sex.

    Woman couldn't cook her way out of a refugee camp.

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