Sexy Move: Pretend To Hold Her Against Her Will

Start with spooning – and we’ll say you’re both lying on your left side to do this move. Enjoy some cuddly spooning sex together to warm up.
Then he moves his upper body back off her so that his left hand can get a nice handful of her hair. The key here is that the more hair you get, the more the pulling is evenly spread across her head = a firm sensation rather than a painful one.
Then if she puts her right wrist against her tailbone, his right hand can then hold her wrist against her tailbone. Do not pull her arm up or further back from her body as that can risk serious injury. Just press her wrist against her tailbone. You’re not actually twisting her arm up behind her back, she cooperates to get into a position where you are both pretending you are holding her against her will.
If the wrist against her tailbone is too much of a stretch for her comfortably, you can always hold her by her wrist against her hip.
Then get a fair bit more vigorous in the thrusting department. As always, consider “ow!” or “stop” a safeword. Maybe not “no” though… talk about that first though.
Just try it out together. If it works for you, then great. If not, at least you tried something new which is still a good thing.


  1. nice move.

    the whole dominance/held against her will thing is a real turn-on for me like hands stretched above her head in missionary position.

    one I really like is her on her stomach and me doing anal on her. I take my arm and wrap it around her neck under her chin. not tight (not trying to kill her) but snug so when I thrust in, she doesn't slide away from me.

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