Sexy Move: The Improved Backrub

For when she wants a backrub and you want sex…
She lies on her stomach with her legs together. You enter her from behind with legs outside hers, then bring your knees around so that you are basically kneeling over her ass with your cock inside her. Then you massage her back, shoulders, neck, arms and ass.
To make paying attention to the massaging harder, she can playfully wiggle her ass or clench her vagina on you while she giggles. Try and hold out as long as you can without getting into wanting to head towards your orgasm.
When you’re into the hard thrusting part of the game, she probably has her face turned to one side. When you come, be kissing her firmly on her upturned cheek.


  1. We used to do this all the time, somehow it we just stopped for a while, I'll have to start it back up.

  2. Okay, must comment on this as a woman who is currently re-discovering her sexy side in an LTR. Now it makes sense to me why you suggested the husband stash a trashy novel in his wife's car. I have been obsessed with this site since I found it a few weeks ago! Your writing is helping me get over some of my "good girl" assumptions. Posts like this, short and … hot! really help get me thinking about sex much more in advance. I love to read stuff like this, and since doesn't have specific people attached, it's easy for me to picture us doing this, and have a *realistic* daydream to suck on while at work. That's probably why I dropped the romance novels a long time ago – too much character development getting in the way of fantasizing about my man.

    Thanks, Athol! I think a category of this type of stuff would be an interesting spin-off for women.

  3. It's a great suggestion if your cock is 12 inches long and your wife's ass is tight and flat. For the rest of us with average anatomies, the only way this will work is using her ass instead of her vagina.

  4. Um… it works for me anon. :-D

  5. If it seems tricky, she needs to arch/curve her back and raise her butt – or use a pillow under her hips.

  6. Susan Walsh says:

    When you come, be kissing her firmly on her upturned cheek.

    Love this – the cherry on the sundae.

  7. Yup, just tried this, and it was *fabulous*. He's of average size, so take that, Anon (4:19pm). ;) Okay, so I'm a foot shorter than him, but it was awesome! Next time, though, no "warming" massage oil. Ouch.

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