Why a Male Sense of Humor Triggers Sexual Interest in Women

Could you address what the attraction factor is in making a girl laugh? I become totally turned on by a man who makes me laugh and who laughs at what I say,too. Is this an Alpha trait? He is able to control and push my buttons in making me laugh? All of a sudden the guy actually looks more attractive to me physically! And when he goes from funny to seriously sexy with me I am a goner. Even watching the two recent videos (I Had Sex and It’s Business Time) I felt turned on while laughing!By the way,I noticed that many famous comedians have happy and long lasting marriages (Bob Hope,Jerry Seinfeld,Brian Regan,Don Rickles,etc.)
Humor is a very positive trait in that it demonstrates a high intelligence in the man. Almost everyone can get a joke when told to them, but the really funny guys are usually very bright. I forget where I read it but the average IQ of a successful stand up comedian is supposedly around the 140 mark. Also this explains why there are so many more male comedians than female ones as the IQ distribution for men is far wider than for women. There are more male geniuses, but also more male idiots, while female IQ tends to clump around the median more heavily.
High intelligence is also linked to high sperm counts and sperm motility which is of course a very positive thing from a Body Agenda perspective for a woman. It also demonstrates a lifetime of good nutrition and basic health as poor nutrition and health can eat away at the potential intelligence a man could have reached. So on a very basic level, a guy showing a superior sense of humor is advertising he probably has excellent sperm and semen and that sparks female interest.
Of course humor is just one facet of what makes up a man’s Sex Rank. I do remember in High School being fairly funny, but girls wouldn’t touch me with a ten foot pole due to my being painfully thin and without a car.
And in terms of comedians there are many that have happy and long lasting marriages. But there are also a very large number of comedians that developed their humor as a defense mechanism for harsh childhoods. Many die young and by their own hand.
But overall humor is an extremely positive trait. It seems to bridge both Alpha and Beta in that it’s comfort bulding in that most men that are making women laugh are relaxing them at the same time as they display their good mating potential.
So anyway Anon lady that gets all wet watching my video selections of sexy humor…. watch this and I’ll be right with you in a minute or two.


  1. Mystery said in a YouTubed session that humor is a trait of alpha males, but distinguished it from laughs. "Humor, not funny – because funny doesn't get you laid."

    His point was that humor showed a flair for the ironic and a tendency to be "above the fray." A lack of serious earnesty definitely appears to put women at ease.

    In this way, I can see our commentress as something of a benign outlier. Women getting turned on by straight up LOLs is probably not the majority behavior, but it's just a matter of taste – aside from the basic sex rank stats, people have other things that turn them on. You keep laughing, girl.

  2. "people have other things that turn them on" – by this I mean people have some "types"; a woman may want a strong silent type, a gregarious guy, a funny guy, a jock, whatever.

    AK, is that you in the blue shirt in the video?

  3. Athol Kay says:

    Nope not me :-)

  4. A man with a good sense of humour is a man that can laugh at himself and life in general, but maybe more relevant here is that a man that can make a woman laugh has an immediate 'in' – it's disarming and, as the original post says, if he can follow that up with some sexy alpha – he's just moved from funny distraction to sexy guy that could be a lot of fun.

  5. A funny guy has confidence. Someone who can laugh at himself makes everyone relax and the tension in the room dissapate.

    Quiet, shy guys do not get laid.


  6. Anonymous says:

    And one thing; laughter is a sign of submission, it's a sign that you agree with one whose jokes you're laughing at. Also, it's sign of letting your guards down, you're relaxing in the presence of the leader. A movie example is to college stud whose worst jokes make his own pack laugh, because they have no choice.

    Same works with women: if they like you, they smile and laugh at your stories (note: not at you, but with you), and you can lead the conversation on to other topics. Sign of submission, you see.


  7. Anonymous says:

    My wife once said to me after I came back from the bar with our drinks. "I know why you get on with women."
    "Tell me then."
    "You make them laugh."
    "Is that before I take my clothes off or after?"

    God I wish I had known this earlier

  8. Mike @ UNC says:

    This video was a TERRIBLE example of the type of humor most gals like.

    I think the it’s-funny-to-be-jerky-and-douchey-to-women type of humor the media portrays is getting kinda old.

    At least this is my experience as a college male in my 20s living in the southern USA. I’ve noticed girls are getting tired with this specific type of humor and laughing less and less at it. It’s everywhere – from sitcoms to movies to commercials. And it’s wearing thin on the opposite gender.

    Examples: (Chili’s commercial) Waitress is talking to a group of customers who robotically answer “Yes” to everything she says without listening to her and she realizes it’s because they’re watching the game on the tv behind her.
    (Cell phone commercial) Black couple is out on a date when the man enthusiastically says “Yes” to everything she tells him but his “Yesses” are to his team scoring which he’s watching on his cell phone.

    CBS sitcoms also have a ton of this humor (especially Two and a Half Men and Rules of Engagement with David Spade).

    If I were female, I admit it would get annoying quickly. Being dissed isn’t funny.

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