Almost Done With The Book

Anonymous said…
three days no new posts! D:
March 11, 2011 12:20 PM
Yeah I know. I’ve been flat out crazy trying to finish the book and just getting into marathon editing and typesetting runs. It’s been both awful and wonderful at the same time. I’ve spent so long on it with a Word document for each chapter, to finally see it in one document is great. It looked mundane for a long time and it was only when I finally got the page numbering and page headers together that it suddenly transformed into “holy crap this is an actual book” and I’ve been nutty to be done ever since.
But it still wasn’t right… somehow…
So if you heard some sort of primal howl this morning, that was Jennifer reacting to me announcing that I’d just figured out I had missed an entire chapter idea and had to write it and add it.
Okay so that was a little bit of a lie. The primal howl was my internal monologue as the lightning struck the noggin and Jennifer just started laughing at me and shaking her head. It’s a really important chapter and I have to add it. Really. I do. Have to. Must add it. It’s so perfect and vital. As obvious as the final piece in a jigsaw puzzle. I’ve had a lot of coffee recently.
So whatever I have by the end of the weekend is it. I’m just pushing play on the stuff and whatever I got done will be it. After that, it’s however long the wheels take to turn to get it on About two weeks I think. Hopefully the title of the book isn’t going to be called “Cover Goes Here.”
I will say this though – originally I thought I could just scoop up all the blog posts and ram them into a book format and be done with it. There is an element of that to be sure, and you will all recognize key ideas and some of the original posts fairly intact, but it’s just so much clearer than anything you could hope to pull from reading the blog. There’s a system and structure that a blog could never have. There are also a number of areas that I’ve never touched on and everything is worked over to be just a little tighter. It’s really not just the blog in book form, it’s a distinct step up.
I’m both proud of it and feel deeply peaceful. I know that I’m going to write a ton more books in my life, but this one will always be “The Book” that I’m known for. It’s something you can recommend to your friends and feel good about doing so.
So anyway… if you haven’t already tapped me as a friend on Facebook, and are willing to politely spam your friends how wonderful the book is once you read it, please do.
Also for those with blogs or access to other media, ping me an email at Athol(dot)Kay@Gmail(dot)com with your blog + shipping address for a review copy of it. Not sure how many freebies I’ll do, so first come first served.


  1. wow you make me want to not give up on my book that only i start this month. from when you start how long it take you?

  2. Athol Kay says:

    The first pen to paper sketch of ideas for this book started around two years ago.

    The writing of the book, writing the blog, answering email questions, keeping up on other blogs, posting comments etc has been about 3-4 hours a day for the last 15 months.

  3. Shabbadoo says:

    Athol, I've been following the blog for a while now and definitely going to be ordering a copy. But I have a stupid question: Is this a book you openly read in front of the missus (and hell, maybe even let her have a read)?

  4. Athol Kay says:

    I assume it's like the blog. I'm writing for men, but women keep reading the blog anyway.

    I'm not getting any hate from women with what I'm writing about.

  5. Getagirl says:

    Hi there! Few years ago, I watched a movie called "Hanzo The Razor." I'm not sure if the character in the movie was that of Hattori Hanzo. The movie was so funny and amusing! Actually, it's one of my favorite comedy movies. But this book "Hattori Hanzo" seems interesting so I hope I can get a copy of it. :)

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