She Cannae Take Anymore Captain, She’s Going to Blow!

I just wanted a post with that title. It reminded me of something that happened Tuesday night.
I’ve been off work and hammering out the final editing all week and it’s amazing how much better I actually think once I’m away from the grind. I’ve always hated the introduction chapter I wrote months back, but I had no idea of how to fix it. Today I tossed it completely and started to write a totally new introduction.
Around the fourth hour of writing it I went into a flow state and it’s not just good, it’s possibly the best thing I have written for the entire project. I do learn things as I research and write usually, but this one section had an exquisite breakthrough on a key point that is pure genius. I finally get it.
Before that though, I wrote the acknowledgements and gratitude pages. I miss my Dad still. I put the book on hold and went to see him before he died, and it was the right thing to do, but he’ll never get to see it which blows.
Jennifer has been beyond wonderful this last week as well. I’ve been running on about four hours sleep a day as I plow through. I know I am the front man for this gig, but I can’t be married without her either, so none of this happens without her. I’m exhausted beyond all reason and the book is eating my life. If I’m Frodo, she’s Sam, and she’s been carrying me some of the way.
This morning I had my first deja vu experience in years and this afternoon I got a static electric shock off a light switch that had a clear 2-3 inch arc to my hand. I do get a lot of static shocks – Jennifer and the girls always tap me on the cheek before kissing me – but that one was insane. The computer monitor went black for a second after the shock.
Yesterday I had an utterly brilliant idea for a second blogsite and books. Nothing I can do about it right this minute, but ya’ll are gonna love it. Perfect complement to MMSL and one of those blindingly simple ideas that make you groan that you never thought of it before. (And no I’m not telling what it is until it’s up and running!)  It came to me in a great surge after writing The Highlight Reel Isn’t Magic  Also one of the things I said in that post – which was extremely raw and like tearing flesh to write – was that “I am the lightning, but she is the earth.” 
So I guess all I’m saying is there’s been an awful lot of the Lightning in the last two days. I’m so alive and so glad for this time in my life. And oh dear god the horniness. Thankfully Jennifer is always around to keep me, ah… grounded.



  1. Jason B. says:

    I lost my Dad to cancer a year ago last 22nd, it hurts, I know. All we can do is our best to live up to who they would want us to be. As far as we can tell, you are doing that, keep it up.

  2. Tinderbox says:

    Can't wait to see the new blog project (and the current book)!

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