The Red Pill, The Nookie and The Best Revenge

The guys writing about Game on the Internet, including myself, all have a starkly pragmatic Red Pill way of looking at the world and women. The difference between us and the character of Neo in The Matrix, is that we weren’t offered a clear choice of taking the Red Pill or not. The Red Pill was given to us via personal horror: walk-away wives, girlfriends leaving for a guy they said was an asshole, cleaned out bank accounts, “it’s not your baby”, no sex for months or years on end, the slow transformation of your darling bride into a venomous screetchtard.
In my case, I’ve been lucky as to how I was given the Red Pill. I got a good dose of it early on in my teen years when the major fallout from it was not much more than hurt feelings. A lot of what is good about Jennifer and myself is a result of that, but there’s been unwittingly good luck as well. A lot of what I’ve been doing with my writing is attempting to reverse engineer that luck, so that everyone else can use some of it too.
I suspect that for most guys, learning Game was Plan B. Plan A was taking the Blue Pill and being with one special girl forever. It just didn’t work out so well.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this. Really describes what I think a lot of guys go through when force fed the red pill due to some relationship disaster. I would also add that guys need to cut themselves some slack. It's pretty easy to look back on your blue pill days and beat yourself up over and over again.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I'm sorry – I realize this is probably a stupid question, but what exactly do you mean by red pill and blue pill?

  3. Anonymous says:
  4. Anonymous says:

    I think this will become less and less of a problem as time goes on. The men you refer to in the 1st paragraph got into horrible situations because they were raised in the cultural milieu of the patriarchy even though the patriarchy was dead and buried in the legal sense. In other words, these men were taught to obey patriarchal rules that were no longer enforced, that no longer existed. But now that this cultural legacy is disappearing, there are fewer such men to begin with. I think soon a new generation of boys will grow up who will know nothing of these old rules. The feminist school system will try to betaize them, but it cannot shield them from the reality of the SMP and the true nature of women, as revealed by feminism. In other words, they won't even put themselves in situations where they'd get screwed over to begin with. Idealists of any sort won't like this, but there will be fewer male victims.


  5. Anonymous says:

    I'm sorry – I realize this is probably a stupid question, but what exactly do you mean by red pill and blue pill?

    Stick on the kettle make yourself a cup of tea sit back and enjoy the read because you will struggle to believe it i did….. in my naivety DOH

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this Blog. I'm married 10 yrs and have fallen out a bit. Last year, I came across Game and things have improved a little… but everything I read is geared toward Pick Up.

    Believe it or not, I really love my wife and want to get our problems handled. I'm not looking for a new woman (i.e. new problems)

    Your site and those on your bloglist are a godsend (or whateversend for the atheist!)

    Anyway; Hi everyone, my name is James… and I'm a beta. (but not for long! I hope to keep you updated on my progress.)

  7. ExtremeBalance says:

    Great post, very relevant to my situation (many of them are!). I lost my last girlfriend to severe betatude a little over a year ago (to the 'jerk' she used to complain about). But I found this blog (and some others like it) and am seeing lots of beta patterns in my past and how to adjust my behavior to include more alpha behaviors.

    For my purposes there are 3 characteristics that set this blog apart:
    1. You stay focused on the relationship aspects of Game and don't get sucked into political sidenotes.
    2. There's none of the bitter undercurrent about hypergamy that I sense in other Game/Manosphere writings.
    3. Your recognition of the need for both alpha and beta traits for the success of a LTR.

    Thanks again and I look forward to reading the book!

  8. Athol Kay says:

    Thanks EB.

  9. Anonymous says:

    "venomous screetchtard"

    God, what a perfect phrase for it.

    I repaired that tendency in my girlfriend, after I started reading Roissy and you. We're not out of the woods yet, but she knows she doesn't wear the pants here — and she's happier than she's been in two years.

    Thx btw.

    What I don't recall either of you saying is that the first times you say "no" to her burgeoning sense of entitlement, she may go apeshit ballistic and start throwing things, in an effort to terrorize you into letting her retain control. Pure, primal toddler rage, from a grown woman — but without a hammer! This is a sane woman gone screechy because you've beta'd yourself. How would YOU deal with that?

    In our case, the trigger was that under the influence of you guys, I finally drew a clear boundary and enforced it. She started screaming and throwing things, not for the first time, though it was the first time I'd deliberately provoked it. In the past, I'd tried ignoring her. This time, I went off bellowing back at her. I bellowed the same thing again and again and again, until she calmed down and told me I was scaring her. For two days after that, I didn't speak a word to her, until she asked me to talk to her again. We live together.

    We've been through a lot of shit-testing and minor power struggles since then, but she's testing me now, not trying to dominate me. That shouting match was the turning point for us. That's when things started getting better. But if she goes screechy again I'm out the door. Fuck that. Once was more than enough.

    But, so. What would you do? The woman's been getting increasingly screechy/entitled. You finally draw a clear boundary and enforce it. She starts screaming and throwing things. You can't apologize or relax the boundary. Quietly walking out of the room just makes it worse. You could calmly explain that she's overreacting insanely over something petty, she's acting like a spoiled two-year-old, etc. But she's going to keep right on screaming. You haven't done anything to make her stop. You just said some words. Words mean nothing to women — the words she's screaming at you are 100% insane bullshit, she knows that, and in her mind that's just dandy. Talk is cheap. Action counts. What is your action? Walk out and slam the door? Isn't that a retreat?

    Is shouting her down the only viable option when the shit hits the fan that hard? Other than leaving, of course.

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