You Can’t Debate Her Into Wanting You

Pussy doesn’t respond to rational arguments.
Oh you can probably force an issue and verbally maneuver her into having sex with you.
You just can’t debate her into wanting sex with you.
Women respond to actions and not talk.
I mean when did your cock ever get hard because she out debated you over something?


  1. This is one of the key pillars of game in my mind, understanding that logic and reason have no place in a social environment (especially with women), and attraction is the ultimate social response.

    In fact I just posted on it Friday:

    Kezia Noble is talking up game and how guys can learn how to approach women and be successful, and some wannabe-MRA chump they have on with her starts going off on dating inequality, stumping on a debate they weren't even having. This just after a woman told the camera how guys can get more poon.

  2. haleyshalo says:

    Debating people on any topic in general is unlikely to make them come over to your side.

  3. @Badger That's a classic case of a man overthinking sex when it's smacking him right in the face. Those are the same guys who complain that their wife never initiates while ignoring the blatant hints she drops.

    But, I agree, action trumps words 90% of the time. We automatically hit women with the "They need to talk about EVERYTHING" tag, and a lot of times that couldn't be further from the truth. And I have a feeling if she "loses" that debate, it'll kill attraction even more. She'll be turned off that you're turning into a whiny braniac instead of pouncing her.

  4. artofclueless says:

    Sigh….ain't this the truth. All we can do now is make ourselves better. Darn.

  5. A debate is also considered as an argument. That is not to say that it is an undisciplined shouting match between parties that passionately believe in a particular point of view. In fact the opposite is true. Debating has strict rules of conduct and quite sophisticated arguing techniques and you will often be in a position where you will have to argue the opposite of what you believe in.

  6. Athol Kay says:

    /silences Cams with a long kiss

    See how that works? :-)

  7. An argument is a debate. Deliberation is the process of discussing issues by considering various perspectives in order to form opinions and guide judgment. Effective deliberation incorporates sustained and appropriate modes of argumentation. Deliberative practices can take many forms—from discussions, to role-playing exercises, to formal debates.

  8. Athol Kay says:

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