Amazon Discounted The Primer!!! Plus More Reviews And Self-Serving Preening

Another review of The Primer is up at Foseti.
Lots of kind words, and it’s a good review. He points out the good with the bad, but it’s overall extremely positive.

“Athol is the best around at explaining what alpha and beta really mean. Both should be viewed positively, as both are necessary for a successful relationship. If you’re a beta, you need to work on alpha characteristics and vice versa. This is Game as it should be discussed and used. The book should not be underestimated as an introduction to realistic thinking about sexual relationships – it’s not just advice for married men who want more sex from their wives.”

“…he concludes with some thoughts on marriage 2.0. If I were dictator for a day, I would make everyone read the final chapters on modern marriage.”
I also have a new fan at Simon Grey’s  Le Cygne Gris….
“I’ve been reading Athol Kay’s new book in order to finally get a review up on the blog. I’m about halfway through it right now. I meant to finish it tonight, but I couldn’t find the book when I got home.

Apparently my youngest brother (currently a freshman in high school) saw the book and, because it had the word “sex” right there in the title, picked it up to read. As a testimonial to Athol, he immediately recognized that Athol Kay’s observations about the fair sex were spot on, and recognizes the inherent truth of Game.

Fortunately, my brother’s a natural alpha, so this book serves as icing on the cake. He’s pretty engrossed in the book, and has apparently read about half of it in less than a day. I believe that this book will serve as the perfect introduction to Game, and should help him refine his interactions with the girls at school.

Anyway, many thanks are due to Athol for providing a great introduction to Game. Go out and buy his book (or Kindle version) now. It has a ton of applications beyond marital relationships, as my brother can readily attest.”
Okay I admit I never expectted High School Freshmen to read The Primer. I’m glad I kept to the PG-13 approach and kept it readable! Though I am appalled at the idea of my eldest daughter going into high school next year facing boys armed with my own material. Heavy duty talks to be scheduled this summer lol.

“Even more OT, I haven’t finished the book, but I’m tempted to give it away unfinished to a husband who really needs to get control of his relationship before it moves into the realm of “requires lawyers.”

Of course, that could be considered a review.”

I sent Ulysses a PDF so he could both give in to temptation and keep reading. (I still need a review!)

But the most exciting news of the day is…. AMAZON DISCOUNTED THE BOOK!!!

I have zero control over Amazon – I just believe that there was enough of a volume of buying that triggered this response so I am very grateful for that. How long it lasts I’m not sure, I’m hoping forever.


  1. gamingmywife says:

    "Though I am appalled at the idea of my eldest daughter going into high school next year facing boys armed with my own material."

    But if part of the point of the book is to make better men, wouldn't you WANT the men going after your daughters to be so armed? :P

  2. Athol Kay says:

    Not at 13!

    Imagine what a fearsome father-in-law I'm going to be :-)

  3. Anonymous says:

    I absolutely recommend this book for high schoolers, even freshmen. Read "99 things, " and it was utter crap!!

    And, yes, there should be a version for girls. I say this after witnessing a girl slap her boyfriend across the face in retaliation for a slight teasing comment. Then she proceeded to hop on his back for a piggyback ride. He took it. He should have dumped her off and walked away.

    Kids need to learn how to treat each other in relationships much sooner.

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