Apparently I Timed My Book On Marriage With A Royal Wedding…

I’ve had a little extra British media attention today.
My friend Micah interviewed me on PopCrunch. It’s question and answer format. He wrote the questions, I wrote the answers.
The PopCrunch interview was picked up by The Daily Mail Online. It’s somewhat er… sound bitey and thankfully they removed my kids photos from the article when I asked. And the updates with Jennifer actually saying she likes having sex with me were nice too.
After that one hit the electronic presses…. 
If you are visiting from Britain and want the book, there is no print version in Britain – you would have to order it from Amazon in America and cry buckets over the shipping.
You can also get the PDF version at 
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  1. Anonymous says:

    It's the little things that end up surprising us the most. Glad something like this happened for you. Enjoying the book so far, even as an in the middle of divorce 29 year old as myself.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Also I find the hater-ade in the comments section to be gold. Funny how people come to dismiss things out of hand so quickly.

  3. Athol Kay says:

    Yeah the comments are just insane.

  4. Congratulations Athol! :)

    And yeah, haters gonna hate. But I bet you a lot of folks are going to be curious after reading that article.

  5. Dear Lord, the Mail really did butcher that article didn't they… funny, I was having a chat with my fiancee's brother earlier today about how print journalism has gone downhill. The contrast of the quality of that PopCrunch interview with that Mail drivel really drove it home just now. Funnily, what annoys me the most is the poor quality of the writing, not the content…

    But those comments were the lulz. One thing about the haters: they LOVE to bitch to their friends :P no such thing as bad publicity

  6. Congratulations again!
    Even if the Daily Mail posted a butchered version of your interview, the comments still provided some good laughs (& good money for you, heh).

    Doesn´t surprise me one bit.
    Brits are among the most obese in Europe and suddenly all of them turning into such refined martial sex artist is simply hilarious.
    Lots of but-hurt to be witnessed in those comments, or shall I rather say not ENOUGH but-hurt? >:)

  7. Wow. Thats kickin it up a knotch.

  8. I've found your blog through reading your article in the DailyMail. Really love your blog! Very inspirational!

  9. Anonymous says:

    The dailymail is garbage. They are almost tabloids. And they ahve hired homophobic writers in the past.

  10. Terry @ Breathing Grace says:

    Congratulations on the extra publicity, Athol.

    Much success.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Those comments are brutal, and ridiculous! I was so shocked. But any attention is better than none. BTW! Thank you!

  12. Congratulations Athol!

    From what I've noticed, The Daily Mail tends to be obnoxious across the board. Still, the level of snark can be pretty hilarious at times.

    William and Kate might now get asked if they've read your book! Be ready with an autographed copy. haha

  13. Judging from those fleeting pecks and Will´s in majority beta behavior, he definitely needs it.

    His "half-brother" clearly had more fun during the whole thing. Will be interesting to watch if some more "ginger Windsors" will turn up in the years to come. ;)

  14. Viliam Búr says:

    The negative comments on Daily Mail are mostly about this:

    Everyday sex must be bad sex. Not spontaneous, boring. His wife is probably unsatisfied, but afraid to say no. Instead, for good sex in marriage, you should support your wife's self-confidence!

    Mentioning the "emotional affairs" just gave people free ammo…

    The part about self-confidence is dangerous. I mean, of course you should support self-confidence of people you love! Problem is, many beta males will translate this as pedestalizing and supplicating… and most people won't warn them they got it wrong.

    Also it is instructive to see the implicit cultural assumption of evil sex-obsessed man and unhappy opressed woman.

  15. Athol- the readers pretty much trashed you in the comment section but you have to admit some of their comments were rather funny. Instead of dismissing their comments (or getting upset over them) why not take them as constructive criticism? Several readers noted that inspite of your wife's open legs policy, you still cheated on her with your emotional affairs(one of which lasted an entire year); therefore your relationship advice is easily rejected. Actually, these readers are raising a legitimate point; frequent sex doesn't necessarily compensate for other problems in the relationship and it doesn't stop your partner from cheating. Apparently, nightly sex didn't prevent you from seeking emotional satisfaction from other women; perhaps you should have been more concerned with your emotional(rather than sexual) bond with Jennifer. Btw, that would probably make an interesting post (subtle hint).
    Also, the term "doormat" was used to describe Jennifer. I have to admit that one thing I dislike about your blog is that you sometimes do make your wife sound like a real pushover. Of course, I don't know if this is really true or if you just tend to exaggerate her easygoing nature. Does she ever get really angry or short-tempered with you? How does she express it? I think the problem I have with your description of your wife is that she does not come across as a real person; she seems too Stepford Wife-ish.

  16. Athol Kay says:

    Cameron – some of your questions are answered in the first post of the blog.

    I can answer the other questions in time, they are somewhat complex though. I have covered all the pieces at some point on the blog, but not drawn a hard and fast connect the dots.

  17. Hey Athol,
    The way I see things is that you've been the first to present a practical guide for men on how to maintain attraction in marriage that's based in raw biology. You didn't have this guide, you discovered it through a lot of hard work and research. As a human being, you tripped up along the way like the rest of us.

    The great thing about a "way of life" theory is that once the core principles are in place, it can be constantly improved and developed to fit a wider swath of personalities and scenarios.

    I see the same thing happening with Mark Sisson over at Marks Daily Apple. He developed the concept of primal living, but it has evolved a great deal over time due to community criticism and new scientific research. He's even had to contradict certain claims he made early on. That's the way human knowledge works.

    Criticism is an opportunity to make your stuff better. Always be mindful of the many guys you are helping. That should be inspiration enough to keep ploughing ahead.

  18. Did the book sales spike after this article?

    Hope so.

    Too bad the commenters over there are likely too afraid to give your book a try. Fear is a funny thing.

  19. Micah, you are now my new best friend for being a fan of both Athol and Mark Sisson. I'm all about primal living and primal loving. Keep it real.

  20. Joanna Cake says:

    I shouldn't worry what the Daily Mail post this time around. Invariably in a few months they will be providing the contrary viewpoint so they cover both sides of the issue and keep everyone happy/with something to bitch about.

    It is just a shame that so many people will actively support the myth that love will find a way without active hard work on the part of the lovers.

    Having come out of a 30 year relationship, I would like to think that I have learned from my mistakes. Ruf and I have both vowed that we will do everything we can to keep our love alive… and still be f**king into our Eighties!

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