Book Review at Gaming My Wife

Leonidas has a review of The Primer up at Gaming My Wife.
I’ll be honest, it’s a long glowing post, not just of the book, but of the role of the blog and what I’m trying to do here. I’m having trouble cutting down the review to best bits. (He said most humbly.)
“If you’re a long time reader of Athol’s blog, there won’t be much here that’s new to you. But what he has done is something much more important. He’s provided the content in a clear format that’s perfect for introducing to the average married guy (or his wife). Unlike the blog, it’s ordered and structured and follows a nice, logical progression. Somebody completely unfamiliar with the words Game, Alpha, Beta, SMV, DLV, DHV, etc can pick this book up and understand it. This isn’t a book about banging supermodels or movie stars. It’s not a book about being a Navy SEAL or a CEO. But it is a book about getting more sex out of your wife and being a better husband for her. And along the way she might just start treating you better and looking hotter, too.”
“It is completely fair to say that Athol’s blog has helped transform my marriage. I live too far away to realistically buy him a beer as the Man Code demands, so I’ll be blunt: I’d have spent $20 on a book of blank pages if he’d put it out with this title. In my book, he’s already earned that. But for the men who haven’t been reading his blog, this book is worth the cover price and then some. I can all but guarantee that I’ll be providing copies of it to friends at some point. Well done, Athol.”
Also in the comments…
Simon Grey“Well said, man. Athol Kay is pretty much my favorite Game writer because he doesn’t feel compelled to hate on women or treat them like pieces of sh*t. (Maybe I’m still too beta, but I just can’t bring myself to hate women for being women.) Athol isn’t antagonistic, and is primarily focused on figuring out what works. And really, that’s all you need. It also helps that his approach is within the framework of traditional values. I don’t hate PUAs, but I have no desire to live their lifestyle. I’d rather be married.”
 Paige“His non-antagonistic tone is one of his biggest selling points. He can communicate hard truths without also implying that you were a sucker to get married and should prostrate yourself on the altar of proper manhood and beg for forgiveness.”
So thank you, thank you and thank you. All very much appreciated guys.
The other reason you can buy the book is just to say “thank you” if I’ve helped you any. It’s what pays the bills and keeps everything going for everything I do here.


  1. Hope says

    "Well said, man. Athol Kay is pretty much my favorite Game writer because he doesn’t feel compelled to hate on women or treat them like pieces of sh*t."

    My sentiments exactly. I read your blog every day even though I don't comment a lot. My husband is a happier than average husband partially because I read here. Keep up the good work!

  2. Anonymous says

    AK is doing the Lord's work here and in the book. Fact is, we don't do enough game on our wives. We take each other for granted, and we don't do the work it takes to keep ourselves in top physical and mental shape.

    I've had quite a red pill moment in the last two months. When I met my wife 17 years ago I was 26 and she was 30. She was one of the most physically attractive women I'd ever met, she kept herself in great physical condition, and she had overcome some issues. I was getting my career going and making good money. After dating for a year, she told me she thought I was going to ask her to get married and was disappointed I did not ask. I had not thought about getting married. After all, things were OK, the sex was flowing, so why get married? But I was in a job I hated too, and did not want to lose the one thing that was going right in my life.

    The writing was on the wall: Ring on the finger and right soon, or I'm outta here. So a few months later I asked and a year after that we were married. We've been married almost 15 years. We've had our problems but are managing and getting better.

    Anyone want to guess where this is going?

    I was lesser beta. I had only a few serious girlfriends before. I always "had" to have a girlfriends so the sex would flow. Never let go of the last one until the next is locked in. My wife, on the other hand, by her own admission had been a carousel rider all through her 20s. We thought we were marrying for love.

    Truth: I got married because the sex needed to flow, I'm not the best looking guy around, she gave me great girlfriend sex, and hey, she's probably the best I can do. Now we're married, so I get sex when I want, and I'm done working for it, risking rejection and putting myself out there for it. Right?

    Truth: She married me because I had a good job, she was in a job she really didn't like and was looking for a provider, she had been burned one too many times on the carousel, and most important, she wanted kids and her biological clock was roaring like a freight train. So she agreed to marry me, the beta who happened to ask her for a lunch date a year before.

    It's not easy to write this, but it's the truth. She's never put it quite like that, but she has said as much. And so have I. When we married, it was mostly because we each believed we had few or no other options.

    And over the years, I've heard many times from her that she wanted me to stand up for myself, to lead her, to not say things like "what do you want to do" for dates, and not to let myself go physically. And she couldn't explain why she felt this way, or believed this way, but she just did. The truth? She wants a more alpha male, one who can and will lead her and stand up to her.

    It's not until we're honest with ourselves that we can then begin to change. I've had to do it. AK's blog and book is a great start.

    I'd be interested to hear from others.

  3. Athol Kay says

    We all have our "truth" anon. We just can't all verbalize it as well as that. Men sell "husband" and women sell "wife" and a fair exchange is win-win.

    Any chance of some of that turning into an Amazon review? :-)

  4. Codeazure says

    Like the reviewer, I started in this area reading the Angry MRA and the PUA blogs. But it never felt comfortable or resonated with me.

    But reading your ideas that we should be both Alpha and Beta to have fulfilling relationships made the light go on over my head. This is why the other approaches didn't make sense.

    So I'm a big fan of this blog & bought the PDF. Thanks for so clearly explaining the stuff that we should have known from the start.

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