Feminist Princess Gets On Board and Pushes The Primer!

Obviously it’s trolling, but I actually think it’s the most brilliant advertising for the book ever. Anyone that reads that on Amazon is going to think the book is so dangerously powerful it should be made illegal.
I mean I would love to be able to say that sort of thing myself, but I’d be called on the carpet for that immediately. I have to settle for something bland but truthful like, “It’s a lot of really good information that I cherry picked, and it’s a lot more organized than the blog.”
Which is just McWeaksauce compared to, “This book will immediately reduce wives to mindless obedient sex toys with no hope of escape. It needs to be banned before more women become multi-orgasmic.”
So wow. Just wow. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
So anyway…
April is, as we all know, “Girl Game” month. I’ll return to our regularly scheduled behavioral programming to reduce husbands to mindless obedient sex toys with no hope of escape.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I told you this will happen. Prepare for much more of it.


  2. Man. Review Fail. XD

  3. Can't decide if it's a beta white knight from the "Dear Woman" videos or a 45-year-old single feminist that thinks she's not married because she's too strong and intimidating.

  4. The Private Man says:

    Such great advertising!

    Poisoning minds is just her way of saying "delivering truth".

    It would be amusing if The View or Oprah got hold of it.

  5. (R)Evolutionary says:

    I agree, Privateman's got it right.

    The only bad advertising is when they spell your name or the title of your book wrong. Hell, it would be great if the wenches over at Jizzabell or Feministed get ahold of your book & cuss you out. It only seems bad, and because it seems bad, maybe you just need to go with it. Run with your "Bad Married Man" image. Tucker Max, tamed.

  6. Anon Husband says:

    The reviewer forgot about the part where you urge men to put puppies in blenders!

    Well… I don't exactly know that you have a chapter devoted to that subject, because I haven't read the book either.


  7. Athol Kay says:

    Thanks all.

    To be honest I'm disappointed in the feminist turn out. They really would drive sales.

  8. First of all congrats on your book becoming reality! Wish you many book sales.

    Then congrats on the first feminazi trying to pee on your carpet. :)
    Though this seems to be a rather dumb one(aren´t they all though) who hasn´t even bought the book.

  9. Athol Kay says:

    Hans – actually you have to buy the book on Amazon now in order to review it. So she brought the book with the express purpose of giving it a terrible review.

    I'm planning on taking the royalty money for that book…

    …and buying a really big sandwich.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I love your attitude Athol I will bookmark this for when feminist attack my writing and think of a sandwich/pizza/chocolate or ice cream for each attack.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Gotta love negative suggestion. :D


  12. Anonymous says:

    this is just another case of a women who dating back ground and behavior in relationships is a 180 from what she says she wants.

  13. Well, I'd like to add a little personal story that might make everyone feel a bit better and less "threatened" by the "feminazi".

    I was once a "feminist". In fact, if someone called me that now, I wouldn't be upset. But my brand of feminism is a bit different. I never hated men. Sometimes thought that they were little babies, but never hated them. However, my most ardent time was in my 20's. I prob would have written a review like that (well, not really. I wouldn't have been dumb enough to buy a book that I knew I'd hate).

    Flash forward several years. I still believe that it's wrong to say that someone can't do something because they've got a vag or that women are less intelligent, or that I can't have control over my own finances (or vote…). It's about fairness and the opportunity for equality. but I want my man to be taller than I; stronger than I; and have the ability to throw me onto a bed and f&@k me senseless.

    I see no contradiction in that.

    BTW: if she's older than in her 20's and still thinks that way, chances are she's not a "single shrew". She's prob a lesbian.

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