Find Your Frame First

Thoughts for an unmarried friend.

Male sexual presence is active.

So do whatever it is that you do that you’re best at.

When you’re in the middle of doing that, have a look at those women around you. They are usually decent options to choose from.
Figure out what you are going to be the Captain at first. Then hire for First Officer. That solves so much marriage drama right there.
Wives find playing the support role vastly more meaningful when you are a man both in need of her practical support and doing something worth supporting.
Be open to who you find along the way, but pay special attention to a woman that starts following you and helping out. She’s interested in you and what you’re doing.

Ideally she makes you a better Captain that you would have been without her.
I cannot do MMSL et al without Jennifer. For more reasons than I can explain. You only ususally see me, but she is always here.

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