First Review of The Primer + Kindle and PDF Versions

The first review of The Married Man Sex Life Primer 2011 is up at Ruth Institute Blog. Go read!
Though the takeaway point is…

“In sum, I am not just telling you to buy this book. I’m telling you to get it as a wedding present for the newlyweds in your life. I’m telling you to get it as a present for any of the married men in your life (including your husbands, if you are a wife).”
So what are you waiting for?

Oh yeah… there’s a Kindle version now. It’s still syncing up on with the printed book version, but it’s there as of this morning. Should sync in the next 24 hours. $9.99. 
Also as a bold move, I have a PDF version that can be downloaded from  Yes I know the PDF will probably be copied and spread everywhere. Probably the people that don’t pay for it would never buy it anyway. Maybe it gets to more people and spreads further afield and I win on the 2012 edition. If people get an… ah.. “viral copy” and they want to pay for it after they read it, they can just buy a copy and salve their conscience that way.
The real issue for me though is that I have 25% of my readership outside North America, and there’s just no practical way to ever get a printed book to them, and Kindle is only USA and UK. So I’ll lose some and win some most likely. The PDF is $9.99 as well.
The Amazon and Lulu widgets are on the top left sidebar. Whether you buy the printed book on Amazon, the Kindle, or the PDF, I make about the same amount. So I don’t care what you buy, just buy something!

Also a huge thank you to everyone that has already purchased books so far. I am very grateful and humbled at the number of people that have done that. As a favor though – if you can find the time to write a review at Amazon, that would be enormously helpful.


  1. I find your new blog design disgusting and less usable…

    …but as soon as I read the keyword "PDF", I plonked $9.99 for the book. I am sure it will be an invaluable guide and navigation tool for my new and budding relationship. Thanks for your efforts, Athol :-)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations on getting your book out there! I've been looking forward to the Kindle edition, so I had to buy it right away:) I live in Norway, and I find it most convenient to get my books from and straight to my iPhone's Kindle app.

    I look forward to reading the Primer, I've been in a commited relationship for almost 7 years, and it's mostly been good, but it's nice to know what pitfalls to look out for! More sex is always welcome too;)

  3. An idea, you could also make an audio book version by outsourcing it, and in addition to selling them individually, you could sell the whole package (book, pdf/kindle, audio) for 29.99. Maybe for future editions.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The second and third link is off.

    I just bought the PDF. But *please*: Next time, ask someone who knows at least a bit of how to design stuff. Please! (I guess someone will do this out of generosity alone. Also, check out Tim Ferris blog if you need ideas for pushing sales. And I do think you do.)

  5. "An idea, you could also make an audio book version by outsourcing it,"

    F that, he should read it himself. Wives across America would buy it just to listen to his accent.

  6. The PDF is a good idea…. somewhat
    If it is copied and it spreads like wildfire
    it will make your next book all that more successful!
    Just look at windows and how easy it used to be to pirate, uh i mean have it for free it.
    Now people are saying linux who?

  7. Bear Caught says:

    I bought the PDF version. Thanks for writing the book, Athol.

  8. So when can you give us some sales stats?

  9. Athol Kay says:

    I appreciate the feedback. Unfortunately this edition has been on essentially zero budget due to my families need for food and warmth this winter. I *get* the design issues and it's just a sucker punch when people complain about design issues in comments where I am trying to sell the book. It's not really helping my case.

    To be 100% blunt, my book is just the best content out there and my stuff saves marriages and gets guys into good relationships. It will have legs far into the future.

  10. Who cares about design…. it's about content!
    Is Ft. Knox a gem in design ingenuity… Hell no!
    The gold that Knox contains is the real gem…

    You're the architect… you design it how ever the hell you want.

  11. Anonymous says:

    PDF instantly bought. Thank you.

    Top of page 13, "…can even be fooled0 themselves", shouldn't have a zero :-).


  12. Athol Kay says:

    Thanks Dom and Anon.

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