How To Get Your Wife To Read The Book

I’ve had this question four times in the last three days….
“How do I get my wife to read the book?”
Dude? Did you read the book?!?!  A major premise is that women are curious sluts that don’t always like people knowing they are curious sluts, so they do stuff in private.
Just leave the book out in the open and then walk away from it. Say you’ll be gone a couple of hours.
Book mark the chapter you most want her to read.
You could do some sort of hidden camera routine to see if she reads it, or some sort of old school thing where you drape a single hair over the book and see if the hair is gone when you come back. But it’s probably a good enough sign if you get an unusually high sexual interest that night…
…for no particular reason.


  1. There is the possibility the wife just doesn't read, which is also the case with some men. When can we expect this book on tape, Athol? :) A video series would be nice too.

  2. Athol Kay says:

    Book on tape… a video series… Paige you're working me a bit hard here. Are we dating now? :-)

    Eventually, possibly, yes. It's all about having the time and ability to put the effort in.

  3. My former mentor at work once told me the way to determine if your Ph.D. made any difference in this world was to put a $20 in the copies at the library and check back in a few years… if your dissertation was useful, the money will probably be gone… a note "I knew you'd look here!" might be an effective and playful check…

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