Read The Introduction to The Primer… and More!

Mainly for those that read via the blog feed and email… I’ve revamped the blog theme a great deal today to match the color scheme and design of The Primer.
If you’re like me when you buy a book in a bookstore, you like to pick the book up and read some of it before you decide to buy it. So with that in mind, the tabs across the top of the blog have had their placeholder content removed and replaced with content directly from the book.
So now you can read the Contents, the entire Introduction and around the first two pages of each chapter of some of the early chapters. There’s an avalanche of content, so go take a peek.
And a huge thank you to everyone that has purchased the book already! It’s been an exciting 24 hours!


  1. Anonymous says

    Still getting through your whole blog, just found it a few weeks ago and ordered the book just now. Thanks!!

  2. Athol Kay says

    Thanks! The book will catch you up to speed way faster than the blog will. It really is money well spent.

  3. Anonymous says

    So let me get this straight…. the top tabs USED to contain useful information where as now they contain an introduction to useful information?
    you SLY dog! all in an effort to con us into buying your book!!!!!

    well played

  4. Athol Kay says

    Hahaha almost but not quite Anon. The placeholder stuff was much shorter and essentially bullet points of key ideas found elsewhere on the blog. The book develops these ideas futher and is better.

  5. Susan Walsh says

    I just want to give a big thumbs up to the new blog design. It's clean, crisp and easy to navigate. The red curtains always reminded me a bit of Twin Peaks.

  6. Dom says

    Ahh yes… but information that was compact and easy to access and understand, is now a long and time consuming read at 19.99USD…. and most of the bullet points are also not covered in your intro as the "replacement".
    i'm not against it, i would of done the same. I just had to point it out!
    I wish you all the success you deserve for your hard work and i'll still read your blog(s) regardless haha
    Even though i am not married…. or even in an LTR (i'm still young and love far too many women to choose just one yet)…. but you never know when information will come in handy!

  7. Athol Kay says

    Dom – you have it the wrong way around. The blog is long and time consuming to read – that takes people weeks to get through. The book is compact and an easy read – a couple afternoons. 344 pages covers a huge volume of material and the tab pages only ever covered around a quarter of the books chapters even!

    You gotta buy it! You won't be sorry. :-)

  8. Dom says

    Athol – touche, for a newbie to the blog the book is an excellent way to catch up, without spending hours going post to post like i did.
    Where was the book when i freaking started reading. Now i'm pissed at your tardiness! just kidding of course.
    But i referred quite often to the tabs above to remind me or to refresh my memory of some key points. Now though not so much. But like i said, it's an incentive to buy your book, excellent marketing ploy, one could even describe it as push/pull game, give the reader a taste and pull back making them want more. What's not to love about it and i would totally do the same… It's just too bad i didn't see it coming and didn't copy/paste them to a word file before it happened ha!

  9. Athol Kay says

    Dom – Death to the copy/paste people! I'm glad that you get it though, at some point I need to turn a profit or call it a day.

    You should have the Alpha/Beta/Sex Rank/Body Agenda stuff down pretty well. The placeholder for The MAP was terrible and there wasn't even a MAP Timeline placeholder anyway. I've never explained the Timeline for using The MAP on the blog anywhere, so that's a critical chapter.

    Plus there's nine chapters between "The MAP" and "The Timeline for using The MAP". Then two complete parts of the book after The Timeline.

    It's the motherload of content, you're going to have to buy another ten books to get the same critical and practical information I pack into one.

  10. Dom says

    Athol – lol OUCH you don't even know me and you already wish my death.
    You're right though, i dont actually need reminders. I'm just really cheap…. exes will ates to that HAHA…

    Now i can say a celebrity wants me dead… one more thing off the bucket list!

  11. slwerner says


    Ordered a copy this evening. If you decide to release an E-book at a later time, do those of us who bought the paperback get a discount on the digital version?

  12. Athol Kay says

    It's not a bad idea Slwerner, but I'm not even sure how I can assure that could even happen. Amazon is the "retail seller" here, and I'm collecting royalties on the books via the printer. I'm sure you can see how I can't play customer service rep on a couple hundred people wanting a rebate on something I haven't directly sold them. That would be a nightmare to handle.

    I'm working on the whole Kindle / Nook / eBook thing now. And trust me I want to get it out sooner rather than later.

  13. Anonymous says


    FYI, Vox Day commented on his site Vox Popoli that he would be happy to post a review if you wanted to send him a book. You have likely seen his new blog Alpha Game? I thought you might want to know. The more exposure the better.

  14. Athol Kay says

    Probably around $9.99 Anon. The intent being that I make the same amount per copy as a royalty no matter the format. The percentages vary a bit per format so it's not an exact number here.

    Right now I'm mostly pissed that Amazon isn't discounting the book like they do 99% of everything else they sell.

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