A Few More Reviews

A few more reviews of the book…
Hooking Up Smart (Susan Walsh)- “For about the price of a movie ticket, you can learn what eluded even Sigmund Freud – the answer to the question, “What do women want?”
Married Man Sex Life was written for men, but I found it chock full of insights that helped me understand my own nature. Reading Athol’s book, lots of things that I’ve never figured out, or even been aware of, suddenly made sense. It’s a highly informative and entertaining read.”

Hidden Leaves (Ulysses) – “The other big selling point for the Primer is that it’s presented in a way that does not get rationalization hamster’s (covered in detail in Chapter 1) wheel turning. Your wife can read the Primer and come away wanting to be your first mate. Though you’re in charge of this ship, you cannot successfully navigate the frothy waters if your would-be first mate is actively planning mutiny.”

The Badger Hut“The checklist items for choosing a wife are incredibly insightful, and remarkable quite simply for the fact that Athol is unapologetic about passing on wife candidates for what we’ve been told are shallow and “unloving” reasons.”

Becoming Alpha (Rivelino) – “Athol… you have a great writing style, a great “voice”, and your book is not only the perfect introduction to game for married men, it is also laugh out loud funny. 

I think your book has unlimited potential. it deserves to be right up there with mars and venus, and obviously, it is much better than that book, because game is much more powerful than mars and venus.”
Alpha Game – “I cannot speak highly enough of Athol’s book. I have heard a great deal of marital advice, and I have read a number of books on the subject. I feel confident in saying that Kay’s book is among the best.”
Thanks for reviewing the book guys, very much appreciated. It really does help a great deal.

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