Don’t Wait

The last time mum and dad visited us in Connecticut, we had a trip down to the indoor kart track in Wallingford. It’s a nice facility and we shelled out the cash, sat through the inane driver instruction video and got started.
Tight track, winding through tires piled five high. The first race dad just edged me out by a tenth of a second. Fair enough and only to be expected, he’s the one thats actually done motorsport from well before I was a baby, so he’s Ayrton Senna as far as I’m concerned.
The second race he got quicker taking another two-tenths off his lap time. But I was faster still and just nipped him for the win by a tenth of a second. I do remember he had a visible reaction to the lap times like he’d been given a nasty set of labwork results. When you do International Masters karting and your kid that doesn’t even have a kart beats you, it’s unpleasant.
I don’t really remember what I said to him then, but I do remember I was rude.
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  1. dreadpiratk says:

    I'm sorry for you're loss, and thank you for this post, it really hit me. So much of who we are as men is tied up in our relationship with our fathers, and when things are left undone or unsaid, it wounds us in ways that are hard to heal. I think I'll go call my dad now…

  2. hugs

  3. My deepest condolences on the loss of your father, Athol.

  4. Flipper says:

    I just saw this post Athol. My dad is going to be 65 in September. He is still in good health. I am a house flipper by trade and timed my projects this season so as to not have to work during the summer (so I could spend it with my kids). After reading this and thinking on it, I am buying new golf clubs and will get a babysitter one day a week so I can go hit 18 holes with my dad once a week all summer. I’d been leaning away from doing it for money reasons and the wife’s complaining about it. But I am going to do it. As he would say “she can either say mad or get over it.” Timely find for me.

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