Inside Edition: Sex 5000 Times (The Lays With The Kays)

Still waiting to see if there’s a video feed eventually, but for now, here’s the text of the segment.

Athol and Jennifer Kay of Bristol, Connecticut have had sex an astonishing 5,000 times during their 16 years of marriage. That’s 86 percent of all their days of matrimony!
“We have had sex more than 5,000 times in our marriage. We’re not looking for a record, we’re looking to connect to each other,” said Jennifer.
Athol dishes on his married life on his popular blog, Married Man Sex Life. He’s also written a book, The Married Man Sex Life Primer.
Athol’s first tip is to start seducing your wife, even when you’re at work. Just send her a playful text.
“Half the time it’s completely non-sexual, and sometimes it’s, ‘so what color are your panties today?’ “ said Jennifer.
A tender touch is key.
“Just standing in front of the sink doing the dishes, he will come up behind me and give me a hug or touch my shoulder. It lets me know that he’s paying attention to me,” said Jennifer.
Intimacy works wonders. For example, Jennifer cuts her husband’s hair.
“I really cut my husband’s hair. It’s just one more of those little things to connect us,” said Jennifer.
And to ignite the sparks, consider a sustained kiss lasting at least 10 seconds.
“It’s those little peck, peck, pecks they do nothing for you, because you actually have to physically connect for a good three, four or five seconds before your brain starts really registering, ‘I’m actually kissing another person,’ “ said Athol.
Good advice. It’s certainly worked wonders for this couple.
Interestingly was that I did most of the talking in the interview and I said some smart stuff, but all recut to focus on mostly Jennifer. Which is fine by me because she is cuter and is my authority to say what I say in the book and the blog.
And in anycase… self-published book, prime-time, national news. Oh yeah.


  1. Things sure have been in hyper-drive since the book came out. Glad to hear it. Congratulations.

    Now get back to work on 2nd Ed. *sound of whip cracking

  2. Anonymous says:

    I'm happy for you, guy. I really am.

  3. Athol Kay says:

    It has been a bit of a roller coaster yes. It's been fun.

    LOL I'll be starting on the 2012 edition sometime in September most likely.

    Anon – ty.

  4. That is awesome, Athol.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Love the attention this is getting because I believe you've hit upon something bigger then simply repairing marriage, you've managed to demystify the sexes in a way that is far more acceptable (or digestible) then most Game practitioners can relate to the public at large. Nevermind the overall desire for men to be more Alpha. I thought I knew what I was doing when I first got married (in love and life) but ultimately through a bitter divorce and less then exemplary results in my career life I discovered I was playing at a game I hardly understood. I came to know Game first through the "players", the pump and dump crowd who, though insightful, were not examples I wanted to emulate. You've provided a much need bridge between being an alpha who understands his goals and knows how to get there with the beta who wants to treat his woman well so that they may indeed be a successful partnership.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Did you want this loss of anonymity? What about the privacy needed on behalf of your children? Was startled to see that they even gave out your city location. Isn't it a little bizarre to go in to work and all know your sex life habits? I prefer some corner of privacy that is just between me and my spouse. Your book is of course quite frank about you and your wife but I thought you used another name for Jennifer and kept even your photo rather obscured on your blog. Is the point here to have thousands of times together or to just have more sex than previously. Quantity could sacrifice quality (hope not)…

  7. Enjoy the social proofing. Even if they try to sabotage it focusing on wifey thus subtly putting her on a pedestal above you.
    No matter, have fun with this crazy stuff guys!


    Maybe an inspiration for a future Blog-post?

  8. I see that they had Jennifer do most the talking but I imagine that was to give the "good marriage" story more credibility. We all know there are marriages where the man says its great and the wife is holding a "help me" sign in the background.

  9. I was on my way home yesterday when i heard on the radio a commercial for this couple tht have sex like crazy. nd it struck me because im married nd today is our 5 year anniversary. so i really wanted to see this show. well we have three kids nd by the time i got home i totally forgot to set my DVR to record it. so this morning i spent about an hour trying to find the tv channel website to get links. i finally found it. nd the blog. im hoping this blog will help my marriage in the bedroom. we just need tht spark back.

  10. You've found the right place, Tracy. Stick around; we're all about the spark here. Usually the spark dies when there is no friction. The man tries to make things so smooth, he stops being a man. That's what this blog is about, anyway.

  11. Phil Mueller says:

    Congrats Athol, seems like a very positive portrayal. I agree with paige above as to the reason they probably focused on Jennifer, it means they were trying to make you look good.

    I've begun implementing some of your advice, with positive results so far. An interesting aspect of this stuff is that it appears to apply equally well to both verge-of-divorce marriages and already-pretty-great ones. That tells me you've hit on something genuinely fundamental.

  12. Thag Jones says:

    "I really cut my husband's hair. It's just one more of those little things to connect us," said Jennifer.

    My question is, what hair? Or, was there more of it before Jen got the garden sheers out? Or, are you talking short and curlies, thus the hair cutting being a path to intimacy?

  13. Athol Kay says:

    Thag – Jennifer cuts my hair every Sunday. We did it the night before the shooting. They had us play show and tell…

  14. Anonymous says:

    "I really cut my husband's hair. It's just one more of those little things to connect us"

    I can understand the intimacy aspect, Thag..My husband trims my pubic hair frequently.. Initially I was a little concerned that he might nick my clit, but the more he did it the better he got. That man is a God. I swear.

    Definitely been a path to intimacy for us, After the trim there is always a DEEP connection.
    So, yeah, totally get where Jennifer is cumming from.

  15. says:

    I've just gotten your book. 1/3 of the way through and liking it alot. Nice one.

  16. Athol Kay says:

    Thanks Krauser

  17. Dave in the cave says:

    Any awkward calls from family members yet saying they saw you on the news? I'd think that Jennifer's religious family members especially might have something to say about you sharing all this.

  18. Athol Kay says:

    Jennifer's family have been extremely supportive and know about the book and everything.

  19. Phil Mueller says:

    Looks like the previous comments got lost in the Blogger snafu, so I'll say again: congrats Athol. Hope the publicity brings many more intrigued people to the blog and book.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I don't even support marriage, and I'm like, YEEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAAAAW!!!

    Awesome stuff.

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