Inside Edition Wednesday Night

Everything going as advertised, Jennifer and I are interviewed on Inside Edition Wednesday night. We actually shot the interview at our house last Wednesday, so have been waiting for word on the air date ever since.
It’s going to basically focus on the 5000 lays for the Kays angle as a feel good story, and delve into some of the more popular Sexy Moves mentioned in the book.
Naturally that means we had to demonstrate them for the cameras… and as I keep saying the 10 second kiss is the number one Sexy Move… you’re going to get to watch us making out. Plus some grab ass if they keep it in and I snuck in a finger-hooking-into-her-top-pull-to-kiss move in there somewhere too.
During the shooting I had two moments of realization. The first one was how wonderful it was having Jennifer sitting next to me being lit by professional lighting. I will never forget how radiant she looked in that moment. She is by nature a shy “good girl”, but there she was comfortably chatting on national TV about her sex life and what we do together. She’s wonderful.
The second realization came when we where in the middle of making out together on the stairs… with a camera guy, a sound guy, wired for mikes and a reporter watching us. They shot us from the top of the stairs, stopped us and then started shooting again from the bottom of the stairs and we went back to kissing again. So, um…. none of that bothered me at all…. sooooooo… I think I could do porn.
Jennifer and I are a special couple, but we’re also a normal couple too. We just do normal especially well. What we have together is not a fairy tale, but a real relationship and a functional family life together. I know the whole 5000 times thing sounds like a gimmick… but we really did that. We are real.
This could just be fifteen six minutes of fame. Or it could be the tipping point that launches us into Athol and Jennifer 2.0. Whatever that is… we will just have to wait and see. I don’t care what it is to be honest, just as long as I can keep Jennifer with me.
Gotta admit though… I’d prefer it played out like this….


  1. ExtremeBalance says:

    GTFO! That's awesome. Hopefully will bring some balance to the mainstream impression of Game to counter the Tucker Max perception.

  2. Good for you two!! Can't wait to see the clip! I guess we can see it on YouTube? I hope!

  3. Athol an Jen, makinĀ“out on the staaairs .. Nah, Nah ..

    Heh, cool stuff. I already can hear the "ensigns" going "Eeeewww" when they see you guys smooching on the TV. The porn comment made me chuckle.

    One of my favorite TNGs. Ancient Dyson sphere, ancient engineer and ancient Enterprise (no bloody A B C or D) :D

  4. How exciting!

  5. Athol Kay says:

    90 minutes to go….

  6. Mine doesn't come on until 9am tomorrow. :(

  7. Hi, sorry for the off-topic comment, but I wanted to ask a question.

    I've been too beta for a long time, just realizing this now, and consequently my wife fitness tests me a lot. It is coming as quite a shock to her that I am bumping back on them. I don't think she understands consciously that she is fitness testing me or what I am doing by declining to engage her tests.

    Do you think I should have a discussion with her about fitness tests in general? Is it helpful to point out her fitness tests in real time? She knows that I am working on becoming more of a dominant man in our relationship but I don't think she has really thought through what that might mean for specific changes in my behavior or our interactions.

    Thanks for any comments you might have.

  8. Athol Kay says:

    Anon – sometimes it can be very helpful if she understands what a Fitness Test is. I've seen some women stop the behavior just by understanding it better.

    If she knows you're working on being more dominant already, it probably will help.

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