Girl Game: What Makes The Dopamine Rush Happen In Men

The classic PS3 vs Wii fake ad on G4TV.
The Wii girl is exactly what I consider to be Alpha for women with the Alpha = Dopamine = Attraction concept.
The PS3 girl is showing a near total lack of Alpha. All her good points count for nothing.
The PS3 girl is actually a better actor and carries the entire sketch. But I want to see the Wii girl in more stuff. (Or should that be less stuff…)  Look I don’t makes the rules here, I just report them. Get your body in shape ladies and turn on a little of the Wii girl vibe. Evaluate your results.
Confession: I seriously have watched the video over and over just to see the Wii girl again.

Where Do You Start With Fitness Tests?

So how do you bump back after 10 years of not even recognizing these fitness tests? I just started reading this blog a few weeks ago. I’m the same as you Athol, I’m a very accommodating person. But now I’m starting to realize how many shit tests I’ve failed. How can I start to dig myself out of the hole I’ve created?
The first step is always to get your physical body together as best you can. That may not sound like directly meeting Fitness Tests, but your physical body is always going to be a major factor in your interaction with your wife. Working out will make you feel better and stronger as a person, and that will radiate from you and affect her response to you as well.
The second step is to just start anywhere in terms of the social interactions between you both. Seriously just anywhere. If you’re in a big hole, anything is going to be an improvement. Pick an area and get started. Stop thinking so much, do something different.
A third area to work on is paying close attention to her tone of voice with you. Very often a Fitness Test involves a perfectly reasonable request, but she makes the request in an unreasonable manner. Whining, nagging, yelling, disdain, contempt, anger, insulting all qualify. Bump the request back to her as “You are yelling/insulting/whining/etc at me, if you are willing to talk to me in a proper tone of voice I will listen to you.”  Then you simply ignore the request until such time as she reframes the request politely.
If it’s a reasonable request, and she can ask in a reasonable tone of voice… well you go ahead and help out. You really can still be accommodating to her, but not unless she is also accommodating to you. Jennifer and I both play the “Nice Card” at each other a whole lot. You just can’t play the Nice Card while she plays the Mean Card over and over.
But do not complete tasks for her involving contemptuous tones. And seriously – buy the book. Chapters 10-12 cover these exact issues.

The Ten Second Kiss vs Protection Shields

I bought your book. Read it in a couple hours. Great stuff. Really nice way of putting together all the “Game” I’ve been learning from Mystery and Roissy over the past year.

I tried out the 10 second kiss on my ex. She was a poli-sci major, self-proclaimed feminist, president of the student body two years in a row, etc. The first two times, she took me straight into the bedroom. After that, it was like she consciously KNEW what I was up to; she refused. She turned her head away, physically pushed me away, and otherwise prevented me from doing it. Was this a fitness test, and how should I have handled it?

And I’ve since noticed that there are some women who Game works on at first, but then it is like they realize what is happening and inoculate themselves against it, just preventing any opportunity for the maneuvers to happen.
Hi there,
If the 10 second kiss feels staged and you act like it could/should lead immediately to sex, it’s going to feel like manipulation. Try it in a situation where you can’t immediately have sex… like when you’re leaving for work in the morning, or she’s leaving to go somewhere. It’s meant to be a push-pull thing. Ideally you just frame yourself as “a really good kisser” and toss a ten second kiss at her at semi-random.
In this case no, I don’t think it’s a Fitness Test. I suspect your ex just figured out she let herself get suckered in with the ten second kisses twice already, and seeing she’s your ex, she doesn’t want to get pulled back into a relationship with you. Her weak point is the kissing, so she cockblocks you there. I’d take it as a sign that the ten second kisses are extremely effective lol.
Yes women can get wise to game. Especially the pure club/bar thing with routines like The Mystery Method espouses. They can work fantastically on a new girl, but after she’s seen them a couple times she’ll figure out the magic trick and it’s just not that special anymore. Displays of High Value without having Actual High Value only last so long. Actual High Value… like a shit-ton of cash, six-pack abs, social prominence, big house… well they just do their thing in the background and aren’t in your face “LOL I AM PUA”, but they pull just the same.
By all means run routines on a girl, I run stuff on Jennifer all the time… but I don’t do it consciously as a routine planned routine. I lean far further toward Austin Powers than Mystery. It’s not so much a cocky and funny thing I do as a horny and goofy thing. That way if anything totally bombs, I can just play it off as intentionally awkward and throw out a “What’s for dinner?” or “My penis wants to say hi” or something touching like that.
Oh I wandered…
She had her shields up. Don’t push against them as that makes them stronger. The more you try and claw your way in, the harder the shields get to keep you out. Her shields are up because she isn’t feeling comfortable… these are not Bitch Shields, these are Protection Shields. Stop pushing, change the subject, break it up with humor.
Or more simply, reduce your attention to her and walk away and do something else. You’d be surprised at how often they will seek you out after you reduce the pressure.