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Le Cygne Gris (Simon Grey) – The Primer is, in a word, perfect.
Given the book’s general usefulness, I would unhesitatingly recommend it to any and every married man. If your marriage sucks, this book may be key to turning it around. If your marriage is great, this book can help you maintain course. And if you are planning or otherwise wanting to get married at some point in the future, read this book first; it will provide a solid foundation upon which to build your future relationship. If you’ve already perused the blog and used the principles contained therein to fix your relationship, buy this book as a way to say thank you.
Antigone Amplified – Some of it is deep, some of it explores the dark side, but it’s always perceptive and practical. It’s an awesome read as a text- very wise, funny but humane to the core.
Frost posts his review at Freedom Twenty Five and at The Spearhead.
“The distinguishing feature of Athol’s book and blog, is his inherent relatability to men with Nice Guy syndrome. There are a lot of men in the world who are instantly repelled by the teachings of the Roissysphere, even though they desperately need its advice. Athol Kay is the ambassador who is distilling those truths into a medium that can be digested, even by men still firmly ensconced in the matrix. His most remarkable achievement is that he has somehow done so without watering them down with pretty lies.
For many of my readers, the idea of marriage ranges from unthinkable to unlikely. But we are a rare minority in a world full of men and families who will be destroyed by their failure to implement the ideas in MMSL. I think Athol’s book is going to save thousands from the fate that my family suffered. I suggest you search your life for people you care about, and add their names to that list.”
I’ve had many excellent reviews of The Primer, and I am grateful for all of them, but Frost’s is the one I actually like the most so far. I think he understood my intent and level of difficulty involved the best. Though his estimation of my intent for saved marriages is off by several decimal places.
I’m 41. I have 29 more editions of The Primer to go before I retire.


  1. Jasmine says:

    Congrats! With the Australian interview things could really get big for you! I truly hope it does. I do wonder, if this goes mainstream how the "world" will react. It could help so many people, yet certain parts of society would fight you tooth and nail.

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