Couple of Days Off

Eldest graduates middle school tomorrow and for some idiotic reason graduation is at 1030am, which basically f’s up any possibility of a productive work day, so I’m taking it off.
Off all next week as well, apart from Tuesday as I have to go back in and do my Superman thing.  

I’ll be hard at play doing my real life though…  by which I mean the whole MMSL thing.

But for now, I’m just chilling.

Oh and trying to beat this game…

Have fun. Do heaps.


  1. Just did the middle school graduation. So bittersweet. Great to see your once little child graduating but sad because the little one who 13-14 years ago was so small and innocent is on the cusp of adulthood and all that it brings. (Not to mention the teenage years as one wild transition)

    Enjoy, congratulations, and thanks for the blog and book.


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