Date Night Planning

Jennifer and I never did the boyfriend/girlfriend dating stage because we went from meeting each other, to long distance, to getting married. Then we were married and didn’t have to date because we were already living together and broke. We just settled into a comfortable routine of cooking dinner, hanging out together and watching TV and then going to bed and getting busy.
Then the kids came and by the time we actually got to have a date night, we were so tired from jobs and little kids that all we could imagine for date night was dinner and a movie. We’d go about three different places for dinner total. I would always order a cheeseburger. About eight years ago we both discovered we liked sushi, so that got added into the mix as well. Sushi and a movie… my seduction is unstoppable. Not.
Fast forward…
We have date night coming up on Wednesday. I casually mention to Jennifer today that I have three possible date night plans for her to choose from.
Jennifer: “Three?! I’m impressed.”
She is already grinning like the Cheshire Cat and we haven’t even done anything yet. I rock.
Athol: “Well the first is the easy low stress one. Dinner and a movie, but the restaurant is nice and somewhere neither one of us been before.”   This one really is easy and low stress, but the restaurant would make her very happy. I’ve checked the menu out and I already know what she would order if we went and it’s kind of a unique dish. If we don’t go on date night, I’m saving this one for the future.
Athol: “The second option is going to Mohegan Sun (huge casino and shopping mall thing), but that’s a bit of a haul and going to depend on babysitting timing to enjoy it.”  This is true, we keep staying it’s a good idea to go, but it is a haul to get there. So this is really just a throw-a-way option to pad out the three. Always have a throw-a-way option, it makes them feel in-control when they automatically discount something and blinds them to the fact that they are now in fact choosing between two pre-selected choices you have already defined.
Athol: “The third option is ‘Magical Mystery Tour'”. It’s like catnip to her and she immediately chooses option three.
Because Jennifer edits and reads the blog, obviously I can’t tell you what the Magical Mystery Tour involves until after date night. So like Jennifer you’ll just have to get all worked up and wait for the surprise. Suffice to say, I’ve got her pegged pretty good and I know she will like it. Plus there’s a dinner some place we haven’t been before in there as well.
Oh and first things first… we already ordered the movie we plan to get naughty and naked to once we’re back home. Jennifer gets completely overwhelmed by adult movie selection, so I selected three possible options online and gave her the choice. One of the things we’ve learned about date night is that if we don’t do something a little out of the ordinary sexual routine, I get extremely frustrated with the whole thing. Jennifer likes being pushed a little further than normal too.
Thursday I’ll write about how it all went, and how a Cheeseburger and Fries guy like me can find a good restaurant in a pinch.


  1. Sometimes, dinner and a movie is called for. Other times, it's a fucking drag. I think you presenting her with 3 options is reason enough to celebrate.

    & the addition of the sexy movie makes it even more incredible. Have fun.

  2. "& the addition of the sexy movie makes it even more incredible."

    Hey, it's not a "date" unless sex is a possibility. Then again every night is date night for them then.

  3. Mommy wants to be a MILF says:

    …And are there any suggestions for those of us with little kids? Things you learned since then and wish you knew at the beginning? We didn't date either and spend so much time together parenting that we don't know what a date even is!

  4. Get a babysitter. Quit being such a girl about it.

  5. Looking Glass says:

    Well, by the time you see this, it should be post Data Night. So, we're very curious to know what you had up your sleeve. :)

  6. Mommy wants to be a MILF says:


    Finding someone to babysit the kids isn't the problem, it's coming up with ideas for low-key and inexpensive date nights when you're already exhausted. Or finding ways to sneak in time together so you don't have to find/pay the babysitter.

  7. Anonymous says:

    milf-Pack a picnic basket, bottle of wine,couple of candles, go to a park for a walk and dinner,stop some where for dessert and go home after kids are in bed. Sneak in a afternoon nap before hand.

  8. Encourager says:

    Hmmmm. Four days with no blogging from you. I'm beginning to worry.

  9. Athol Kay says:

    Encourager – just posted.

    I did say I was off work and working on the next project. Sometimes I get tired! :-)

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