I Don’t Understand The Slutwalks

Wikipedia for those unaware of teh Slutwalks.

Shouldn’t they be done in a bad part of town at 2am with everyone in the parade drunk?

Don’t forget the crazy four inch heels so you can’t run.

Or is that not safe?


  1. Classic.

  2. Looking Glass says:

    Dalrock and a few others have been talking about them as well. The general consensus is that it has nothing to do with dealing with anyone that would actually rape a woman. Past that, it's up for debate.

    It really doesn't make any sense.

  3. Viliam Búr says:

    I would like to hear a detailed explanation how exactly they want to "redeem the name [slut] from its negative connotations". I imagine something like this:

    Q: What is the meaning of a word "slut"?

    A: In the past, it described a slut. But today it describes an empowered women protesting on streets against remarks of insensitive policemen.

    Q: Oh, that is so cool and enlightened. Now tell me, what word do we use today to describe a slut?

    A: There is no such word today. That was our goal, and we have succeeded!

    Q: Does it mean there are not sluts today?

    A: Well… no. It's more like: "fish don't need a name for water, because it's all they know".

  4. Anonymous says:

    Please get me a fish with lungs then. :-)

  5. Trimegistus says:

    So these are literally attention whores?

  6. There is renewed rioting in Athens due to proposed austerity measures. These cuts are because the Greek economy isn't anywhere near strong enough to sustain the pensions, vacations, and health services that Greeks expect and demand. To this point, the Euro system has forced workers in functioning economies (e.g. Germany's) to subsidize outsized social spending in weak countries (e.g. Greece). One result of all this is that most Greek banks are now bankrupt. The threat is that if their actual condition is formally acknowledged, the European financial system will be thrown into crisis.

    So the rioters' real demand is that other countries' voters must shut up and accept the status quo ante, into the indefinite future. Me! Me! Me!

    Connection to Slut Walks? It's another example of "defining deviancy down" such that pleasure-seeking behavior is celebrated as virtuous, irrespective of its destructive consequences. Mysteriously, these are visible only to those who can conceive of Causes having Effects in the world as it is.

  7. Anonymous says:

    How many girls, myself included, can remember their mothers telling them that if you dress a certain way you will attract a certain type of boy?

    "male defined term slut"??

    Women are more apt to call each other sluts, whores and skanks before a man does. Ladies, if you want to be in public with your vag hanging out, by all means go for it. But don't scream foul play, when someone asks you "how much"?

  8. Midlife Restart says:

    So if I wore a designer suit, lots of bling, and expensive shoes and walked through a ghetto, would anyone be surprised when I got mugged?

    There is no excuse for rape and it is a terrible thing to do to another human. But knowing there are people in the world that enjoy raping, doesn't it make sense to be aware of where you will be and dress for the surroundings? Isn't it partly the woman's responsibility to do her best to stay out of situations where rape is more likely?

    In business this is called risk management. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

  9. Anonymous says:

    "There is no excuse for rape and it is a terrible thing to do to another human. But knowing there are people in the world that enjoy raping, doesn't it make sense to be aware of where you will be and dress for the surroundings? Isn't it partly the woman's responsibility to do her best to stay out of situations where rape is more likely?"

    YES!! Absolutely!!

  10. I was reading an argument about this on another site, where the woman said all the usual platitudes that asking women to defend themselves is "victim blaming" and that the real solution is to ask men to stop raping, because apparently you can't stop a man from raping no matter what, unless he wants to. She also said that saying women should be careful is like saying they were asking for it.

    Anyway she went on to tell a story about how she was raped by a college acquaintance once, who asked her on a ruse to come over for a study group. There was no study group, he closed the door and raped her. When she went to report it the police were unhelpful because she was in a sundress at his location, so she didn't pursue it. He tried it again 3 months later; this time she was armed and held him off while alerted neighbors came out and tackled him.

    So apparently, even if a rape isn't your fault, there are still steps such as arming yourself that can be taken, that will in fact prevent future rapes. Go figure. Also, if rape is about power/violence and not sex, why did he come back for more?

  11. "Women shouldn't have to change their lifestyle to avoid being raped." And I shouldn't have to lock my car doors or take my keys, but if I don't, the insurance company won't have much sympathy. Or the cops. Granted in my example above the cops were wrong, but the reality is still there, and the gun still worked when he hid in the bushes.

  12. OffTheCuff says:

    Isn't it partly the woman's responsibility to do her best to stay out of situations where rape is more likely?

    Yes, to a person with a rational mind, who accepts the idea of consequences and risk management.

    To a radfem, no, because that would "oppress" her. Her cause is unlimited sexual freedom for women and women only, with guaranteed zero negative consequences/feelings enforced by the state.

    If rape were 100% eliminated tomorrow, they'd move on the the next subjective feeling-based law – e.g., making it illegal for unattractive (80%) men to even glance at her, defining that as "eye-rape".

  13. Slut-walks. Best thing ever.

    The last gasps of feminism.
    Should make even the most supplicant feminist lap-boys start to wonder what these hyper-entitled wenches will whine about next.

    And MAYBE they´ll start asking themselves this:

    Who the fuck is this supposed patriarchy actually oppressing, if women´s biggest problems nowadays are how whorish their outfits are allowed to be, while men in this mancession have to worry about getting food on their plate or staying out of jail because they can´t pay vaginamony anymore?

  14. Stephenie Rowlings says:

    You don't get it because you are intelligent person and slutwalks are stupid, period.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I'm called a prude constantly by everyone including guys. I'm not sure if it's cause I dress modestly, or I'm just private about my sex-life. I'm certainly not an ice-queen. I don't really care how a woman dresses myself, but sometimes you get confusing messages on how society wants you to dress. If you show it all off you're a slut and if you don't you're a quaker. Lol.

  16. Anonymous says:

    The point of the Slutwalk is to say that we're not afraid of the word "slut". It doesn't hold any power over us.

    I know that your blog encourages people to think of 'sluttishness' as a bad thing, and it's fine for you and your readers to hold that opinion. We're simply saying that we don't hold that opinion, and don't care who else does.

    [CAUTION: trigger warning]

    We're saying that many of us having been sexually assaulted and raped when we were fully dressed, sometimes in pajamas when we were children. Some of us, myself included, have been sexually abused as children and were led to believe by our abuser that we somehow asked for it. Some women have been sexually assaulted as adults, dressed in sweatpants at the grocery store parking lot. Some women had their sexual assault disbelieved because they were not 'pretty' enough to get assaulted – which a moronic point of view.

    The four inch heels comment is a cheap shot and doesn't even begin to address the issue. The point is, rapists will rape regardless of what you're wearing. They look for easy victims, which has to do with how self confident you look, how isolated you are, and basically how likely they are to get away with it. There is NO statistical evidence correlating rape with provocative dress.

  17. Stephenie Rowling says:

    Camille Paglia on Slutwalks:

    The swift global spread of Slutwalk strikingly demonstrates the energy and aspirations of young feminists. But its confused message is a symptom of the Ksexual chaos and anomie of the Western bourgeoisie.

    …The sexual revolution won by my 1960s generation was a two-edged sword. Our liberation has burdened our successors with too many sexual choices too early. Their flesh-baring daily dress is a sex mime to whose arousing signals they seem blind. Only in a police state, and not even there, will women be totally safe on the streets. Honorable men do not rape. But protests and parades cannot create honor.
    Slutwalk’s overflowing emotion is a cry of distress, less about sexual violence than the spiritual disconnection of men and women in this garish, tech-driven, careerist age. When it devalued motherhood, Western feminism undermined women’s most ancient claim to dignity. Sluttishness as fact or metaphor cannot restore that lost mythic power.

    Nuff said

  18. viagra online says:

    Sluthwalk? eww even imagine this stuff makes me sick!

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