MMSL The Boardgame…?

Damnit! I can’t embed this video.
So Alpha…. yet so very not Alpha.
I remembered it after someone asked me if MMSL was going to go all tacky and commercial. My thought was this video. (Damnit I can’t embed that either! Grrrr.)
Anyway, the real answer to that is “probably not”. Money is important to me to get me doing what I want to do. But in the end I’m still the guy that was pleased with the birthday presents of a toaster, a laundry basket and a bathmat. So it’s kind of hard to buy me out.
We’re unlikely to have MMSL “The lunchbox”, MMSL “The Soundtrack”, or MMSL “The Flamethrower” any time soon. I sure hope current books aren’t used as MMSL “The Toiletpaper”…
I’ve had a very small number of requests for a German translation for example. Not possible for 2011, very unlikely for 2012. 2013… well let’s see about that. So that’s the sort of thing I want money for.
“The Schwartz was in you the whole time.”


  1. Alex VanderWoude says:

    Regarding YouTube embedding, here's a comment by Vanderleun I saw in another blog's comments:

    "To get embed codes click on the "Share" button and then click on embed. Drops down and gives you a standard code but you can look lower and enter a width that will give you a proportion code that will fit in your left column."

    Hope that helps.

  2. Looking Glass says:

    Well, after using Star Trek:TNG as the basis of a marriage relationship, it was about time you got around to Spaceball references!

  3. Dave in the cave says:

    Oh, so is an Athol the sex god bobblehead out of the question too?

  4. Athol Kay says:

    Alex – youtube embedding was disabled for those videos. So nothing I could do.

    Dave – ah… a Jennifer bobblehead would make more sense :-D

    (LOL she's semi-mad at me for that)

  5. viagra online says:

    You are right! that's not so alpha after all!

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