Morning Wood But Penis Won’t Deploy As Intended

I had a question about erectile dysfunction recently. It got somewhat long and involved but basically broke down into three pieces. (1) He still gets good morning wood, (2) a lot of medical issues and medications, and (3) awkward loss of erection when she was good to go, and she wasn’t wet enough when he was good to go. All very stressful and after a few failures, you start panicking that the damn thing is going to fail again.
The good news is (1), morning wood. That is a great sign that your penis is physically functional and capable of getting hard and being usable. You aren’t quite dead yet. Woo-hoo!
The bad news was (2), lots of medical issues and medications. There are a ton of medical issues and meds that will start hampering you from being the man of steel. I’m not going to spell out the issues for this particular reader because in the end we had about six different things that might be causing a negative effect. So in the end it’s really a case of heading back to your primary MD and spelling out that you are having trouble down there. Sometimes it’s possible to switch medications around and fix the problem early.
The trouble is most doctors don’t tend to ask as many questions as they could – they are all swamped beyond all reason these days. So if you’re in there for say a blood pressure issue and they juggle a blood pressure med around for a couple months and your blood pressure is in the good range they think they have solved the problem. If they ask you how you are doing in general, and you say “good”… well they think you are doing good. You have to say what’s really bothering you. If you say “actually since starting medication X, my dick doesn’t work so well“, they will immediately start problem solving that. Maybe it’s a switch to medication Y. Or just stopping medication X. Or whatever. But you have to advocate for yourself or you will waste the appointment time.
So what I can suggest a fix for though, is (3) the awkward despair that nothing will work as intended and no one goes to sleep happy. Because you have (1) morning wood, my hunch is with a little planning, it’s going to work just fine.
She lies on her back and you lie next to her. Use a little lube to smooth things over at the start, and begin fingering her toward orgasm. While you are fingering her, she holds your penis in her hand and as much as she can, gently jerks and rubs you while you finger her. She’s probably not going to have a great deal of range of motion, but that’s fine. You just want her holding you and providing a little stimulation, she’s not actually going to be able to make you orgasm this way. Plus as she approaches her orgasm she’ll likely stop paying direct conscious attention to stroking you and instead turn into a slightly more erratic shaking and clutching.
The whole time this is going on, your attention will be focused on getting her off… and not on your dick. Once she orgasms she will be very wet, and you should be quite hard. You should be able to take it from there!
If it’s all in your head, then having this as a backup plan should take all the pressure off. There’s been plenty of times Jennifer and I have started in this position with me not even being hard, but by the time she is orgasming, I’m totally into it. It’s completely normal to need a little help getting warmed up once in a while.
The other option of course is something like Viagra. But before adding another medication, I’d be keen to see how the position above works, and if other medical or medication issues can be resolved first.
And the response via email…
You are truly a giant among men. Tried your starting position, solved a lot of my distraction problems. Wife sends her thank you’s, as do I. Still going to follow up about my meds though, spooky crap when you wonder if your penis is going to work, and more so when it starts failing.

Thanks again, Athol.
Well how good do I feel? I feel like I got the power!

Oh seriously WTF was that. Totally wrong video sorry. Crap.

Hang on.

I’ve Got The Power!

Phew. I hope no one saw that stupid Jem video. Though she is outrageous. Truly, truly truly outrageous.
I haz duh powah. Unwimited powah.
Low blood sugar. It happens.
These aren’t the droids you are looking for. You can go about your business. Move along.

Jennifer: LOL do you have a fever?

Athol: I do. And there’s only one prescription for it. More Cowbell.

Jennifer: It’s going to be a long night isn’t it.

Athol: Resistance is futile.


  1. Phil Mueller says:

    Way to go Athol. : )

  2. wife10yearsin says:

    Great advice, and seriously – you two are my heroes! I love it when Jennifer has something to say that makes it on the blog.

  3. Haha, Jem!

    Came across her when there was a nostalgic childhood meme on facebook here in the UK. There's something compulsive about watching that show.

    I wonder how patients would take it if I went around asking them if they had ED out of nowhere?

  4. Ouch! There ought to be rule against starting a blog post about penises with the sentences you just used here. Maybe I'm overly tired, but all I read was, "penis", "long", and "broke into three pieces". I cringed.

  5. Like mnl, I read the first paragraph, but I thought, "well if it's long, and involved, what's the issue?" ba-dum ting. Try the veal.

  6. *reads article until first video*

    *record scrating sound*


    *puts on monocle*

    By God kind sir, if you're going to use 80's cartoon music please be so kind to use good 80's cartoon music, here:

    Now don't make that mistake again, have a nice day.

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