PX90 Clone is $20

I get a ton of advertising requests thrown at me every month and I pass on them all. I can’t stand websites filled with advertising and frankly I flog the book as the moneymaker enough to make everyone feel mildly ill as it is. (Speaking of which… buy the book!)
“Even better than P90X ($120 plus shipping) is “Supreme 90″, only $20 at Target. I’m on day 34, and let’s just say my wife hugely appreciates my ability to do the plank position indefinitely, with harder faster ‘core dynamics’ as well.”
So… $20 for 10 DVDs cloning the PX90 muscle confusion stuff seems beyond awesome as a deal and dovetails into what I’m suggesting everyone do as well. I took a look-see on Amazon and it’s $40, but if you click through to the used and new links, it’s as cheap currently as $20 inc the shipping.
So anyway, I’ve not bought it / seen it as yet, but reviews are generally good. So I’m picking it up myself shortly. If it’s worthless crap let me know return it to Amazon. I believe you will need some free weights as well.
For now at least it makes the honor roll on the left sidebar.


  1. Looking Glass says:

    P90X, or similar setups, are pretty solid systems for general fitness. I haven't done them personally, but a friend is and can also atest to really solid results. Hope this system works well too! (That's a solid price if it covers the same stuff)

  2. I'll drop it on my wishlist. For the time being, hitting the road and lifting heavy things on alternate days seems to be doing the trick. The wife commented approvingly on the new muscles the other night, and I've only been working on it for a couple of weeks so far.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I was the original anonymous comment. Hit 170 lbs today, day 39. That means I've dropped 1-2 lbs per week on average. Noticably stronger, and there's nothing in the workouts I cannot do, although some are still more difficult than others. I'm now extremely curious to see how I'll look late in the program. This is all VERY good–best $20 I ever spent. :-)

    Interestingly my wife has started in now. Maybe concerned about my skyrocketing sex rank? Partly, perhaps.

  4. Suzy Stauffer says:

    Do you get a coach with that workout? I think having a coach made a world of a difference for me to get the results I did with p90x 4 years ago and keep them to this day….. Sex sky rockets when we feel good about ourselves and stay in shape–no matter what program we are doing—-www.youpushplay.com

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