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I haven’t shown all the mass media attention we’ve gotten over the last month or so. I had a couple more radio interviews in Australia. The most bizarre one was an interview (that I didn’t give) in an online newspaper in Kenya, but that actually got me twice as many hits as the Inside Edition piece did. It’s online and had a hypertext link, therefore people clicked.
Anyway… the video below is from Television New Zealand who sent their man Tim Wilson up from New York for the day to make nice-nice and get the story.
At this point I’m starting to get a little jaded by the TV/radio/newspaper deal. It’s enormously difficult to get anything close to the core message into a mass media acceptable sound bite and we essentially turn into “Meet the Fuckersons”. Which is fine in and of itself, but it really doesn’t seem to result in many hits to the blog or book sales.
Oh the very bright side though, Jennifer comes across like she enjoys the sex and isn’t being held hostage. Which people always seem to worry about. Her mom worries she’s being held hostage. Her dad worries she enjoys the sex.


  1. Michele says:

    nice story.. but yeah, everybody is more interested in the number 5000 and not the message.

  2. It's wild how much hay this makes. It's fashionable to criticize American culture as puritanical (even as we push the next generations of Britneys and Mileys on TV), but when even married couple sex is seen as twisted and unspeakable the situation is F'd up.

    Another thing that's weird: read Roissy or other PUAs, or that Kat blog, and non/extramarital sex is presented as risque, hot, raucous, etc. I like how Athol is trying to tell people that you can have the dirty hot sex within the marriage, it's not marriage sex=boring and non-marriage sex=hot. Many people reading this probably know firsthand that a LOT of non-marriage sex is pretty lame. MANY readers at Susan Walsh's site know that (hookup sex is as a rule pretty shitty quality).

    Athol, what do you think about a shake-it-up act like that comic you posted, where the husband comes home dressed as the plumber and says he was called to "check the pipes" at that address?

  3. Anonymous says:

    LOL! "You're not swingers, are you?" Priceless! And I loved Jennifer's giggle when he asked that question. Great vid, even if they missed covering your main point. No such thing as bad press (or so they say, anyway). Keep up the good work.

  4. Candice says:

    Every media minute that covers functional happy sex is one more advance for the cause and provides some good role modeling for younger people! Very nice interview! :-) C

  5. Anonymous says:

    I recall you saying here one time how the american ladies like your kiwi accent… got bad news Athol, it's long gone.

  6. betasattva says:

    Very cute. I've sold at least five copies of your book so far and going strong.

  7. Looking Glass says:

    Maybe just point it out as "Basic advice for your sex life, nothing more, nothing less".

    And, yeah, your Kiwi accent is mostly gone.

    The "out of marriage = hot sex" thing is about the risk factor over anything else. Being "dangerous" in an otherwise non-dangerous life is a type of thrill. Something that doesn't exist when you actually have to fear for your daily safety.

  8. Well yeah, the interviewer uses sex-almost-every-day-heh-heh-heh as the lede. But he then allows you to move the discussion closer to the core of MMSL. As a viewer, I get a glimpse of the personalities of Athol, Jennifer, her mom, and her dad. Almost as if you're real people in a real family! So this is constructive publicity for the blog and book.

  9. Looking Glass says:

    Oh yeah, one thing. The back-shot with that shirt made you look really chubby. The shirt was open a bit, so I don't think that helped, but looks nice when you're sitting down.

    And is that TV interviewer the guy from "To Catch a Predator"? Looks eerily similar.

  10. I think it could be equally provocative to strongly state that according to the science, the man should take the lead (it's important to distinguish this from religious dogma for many people). This is closer to the core message, and I think controversial enough in today's age to cause a bit of a stir over and above the prurient content.

  11. Athol Kay says:

    Elhaf – they did edit out Jennifer cheerfully saying I was the "head of household".

  12. Anonymous says:

    Oh, geez. They *had* to edit that out! It sounds like they didn't want this piece to raise any eyebrows at all.

    And what was with mis-spelling your name??

  13. The Private Man says:

    That Kiwi accent makes "Athol" sound like "Ethel".

    When I lived in Australia, I had a young, female Maths teacher.

    With a strong Kiwi accent, the number that follows five is "sex".

    OK, carry on with your bad selves.

  14. Patri Friedman says:

    Had lots of experience w/ media exposure the last few years – as you're noticing, online pieces with links give many orders of magnitude more clicks/sales per viewer than TV/radio/newspaper. I get more web traffic from a blog post read by 10,000 people than being on CBS Sunday Morning news w/ 5M viewers, or BBC radio w/ millions to tens of millions of listeners.

    Online sales come from web traffic, web traffic comes from links.

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