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AretaeAs always, Athol Kay is the best thinker on Marriage for the general topic of what I call Evolutionary Realism. No bullshit; Here’s how it really is. If you’re a man who’s not happy in the marriage (usually, from insufficient sex), Athol has a plan. If you’re a woman whose not that into your guy any longer (because he’s gotten worse, or you’ve gotten better) then Athol has a book for you.
PUA4LTR – Someone asked me on Facebook: “Patri – what would you recommend as the best, or one of the best, youtube presentations of pick up artistry, particularly with the long term relationship angle?”  I don’t watch videos much, as I find them time-inefficient compared to skimming books or podcasts in the car. Married Man Sex Blog & his new book: Married Man Sex Guide 2011 is by far the best I’ve seen on PUA for LTRs.
JSJ Therapy Blog – The book takes you along [Athol’s] journey towards integrating the science, emotion, and results of his balance between high value alpha actions and beta value response for a beautiful shift in romance with his wife.
The Married Man Sex Life Primer can be used as a way to jump-start your intimate relationship again. However, it feels more like a way to generate change within men that have lost their personal focus. And no matter what gender or sexual relationship you choose to explore, it will always feel sexy to be around a person who is confident within themselves and has a vision for their life ahead.
Thank you all!


  1. Anonymous says

    Hi Athol,

    I just recently found you book and site. I need this so bad I need to ask this question. What's the Alpha way to read this?

    Right now my wife doesn't know I have it. If she did I'd really be in hot water – Why are you reading that? What if the kids see it?, etc, etc. We're the typical long married couple in the death spiral. This is my last hope, if this doesn't work we'll just coexist until death do us part.

    So, how do I handle her so I can read this without hiding and feeling like I got caught doing something wrong?

  2. Athol Kay says

    Anon 7:17 – "I'm not allowed to read a book about making my wife happy? There is no pleasing you is there."

    Then just hold eye contact with her until she breaks it.

    She'll sneak a look at the book when you aren't looking.

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