Vanishing Manosphere Blogs

Been some vanishings in the night of Manosphere blogs and writers.
Rivelino at Alpha Game went private after being discovered by a co-worker.
Novaseeker had stopped active blogging some time ago, but stayed an active commenter on many. He’s announced retirement even from that.
OneSTDV simply said “I quit”, then explained why and said posting would be minimal. But mysteriously posting has continued. But my experience of announcements of quitting suggests that actual quitting usually follows eventually.
Samson’s Jawbone also announced he would be cutting back on posting too.
Roissy may have changed hands again. It was “Roissy” until late 2009 when it appeared he was vanishing in the aftermath of the Lady Raine thing. Then returned as Citizen Renegade, and now the posting name has changed to “Heartiste”. Maybe it’s just a name change, it just tips off my radar is all.
Blogging is deceptive. On one hand it’s terribly easy to do it badly. On the other it’s enormously difficult to do well. But most readers tend to understand the easy parts better than the hard ones. One of the greatest challenges is to maintain the effort over the long haul. After the emotional high of people liking your writing fades after the first few months, you don’t actually make any money at it comparable to your effort put in to writing the blog. Then it eventually becomes a soulless grind as you slowly start turning into a literary chump.
Thursday morning I got a formal and apologetic email from ending my affiliate status. It’s all to do with a war over sales tax and Connecticut passed a law demanding sales tax on any sales through affiliate links, so terminated all Connecticut affiliates. In practical terms, I just got screwed out of about $2,000 a year. Dammit, I was just excited about the Supreme 90 Fitness DVD link too.
Thursday night I got struck down by a mysterious and sudden GI upset that had me taking naps on the bathroom floor. The soft and squishy bathmat for my birthday a most welcome and beloved artifact. Friday I stayed home and drank ginger ale. Much the same today. Some solids.
So anyway… life continues on.
Sometimes life is all a grind. Sometimes life does sucker punch you right in the gut. But the blog has a meaningful purpose greater than just me feeling good (I give), and it has a meaningful product that people are buying (I receive). So there is a balance.
And also I’d really prefer not to fail at making this a full time gig.


  1. I must admit Brendan's departure has hit me harder than I expected. He was one of the first commenters (didn't read his blog archives that much to be honest) I recognized and looked for as a solid, smart voice when I started reading the Manosphere. I feel like an inspirational mentor of mine has tossed his mortal coil.

    I do expect we'll see some more of the old guard classics stop posting soon or even shut down. With as fast as the Internet moves, there's only so long you can do it before it gets to be repetitive locker-room high-fiving.

    But new blogs rise in their place, and it's up to us to patronize the good ones and marginalize the bad ones.

    Solomon II was one who had a great concept and executed it well. I admired the way he planned the end from the beginning, said his say and got out (even if he was forced out a day too early).

    Guys like Roissy and Brendan laid the non-existent groundwork so people like me and Athol can write surgical materials addressing specific problems. They also helped men work through their rage, an early step for almost any red-pilling manospherian. The community is a much better place now because of them.

    I think the question of hanging it up comes down to (a) if you don't have anything left to say, and (b) if you feel your persona and online presence has become a burden to you, an unfulfilling habit, an obligation instead of a passion.

    Such is life. The alpha life moves from passion to passion, and clean breaks are best.

  2. Anonymous says:

    As sad as it is to see people go. I think is refreshing to see that manosphere renews its POV and changes, and grows. I beleive the issue is the lack of unification, given men's problem solving nature if the blog doesn't have any fruits then is easy for the blogger to feel "like a voice in the dessert" no to mention the lack of organization.
    I do beleive one of this days we will have the "one blog" that will place enough common ground to create a real change. The idea should be to have a big site like Jezebel or Feministing with different writers addressing the different issues (false rape, father's right, dating minefield and so on) and a proper director that can approve certain things and make it user friendly. I mean I had read the spearhead and there is not chance they would ever actually do something because the people that matter are not going to risk their necks into the harsh language in it.
    That day will come and I'm pretty sure it will be easier for the good ones to stay and who knows if some old voices will come back, YMMV.

    Meanwhile Athol hang in there. I really hope the feedback (both in book sales and in comments help), also maybe you can get an associated that can get a new contract in another state with amazon.

    I like the idea of making a blog with and ending point in sight. I might do that with mine, write enough articles to cover what I want to say and then if I ever feel like commenting something do it and if not, well ces't la vie. I like the idea of knowing I can stop and you will understand. No to mention that it will be easier for me no to get caught.

    Stephenie Rowling.

  3. Looking Glass says:

    Workshy Joe is going down for a bit too.

    But, it's the nature of the internet. People rise up and then disappear. Having occasionally lasting effects without ever realizing it.

  4. Looking Glass says:

    Oh, and get better soon Athol!

  5. Athol Kay says:

    Badger – not sure how much progress has been made. Just read "The Myth of Male Power" by Warren Farrell (1994). He basically spells out Marriage 1.0 and 2.0 but calls them Stage I and Stage II.

    Still much to do.

    Stephanie – I agree with your assessment of The Spearhead. It's a disappointment on that front.

  6. Codeazure says:

    Change is the nature of life. If the blogger runs out of new things to say, or gets external pressures, it's hard to continue.

    The Spearhead is good for it's single minded focus on divorce & rape and other political mens issues. Also, it keeps all the angry people in one place…

    When you get days/weeks like this, don't forget that your blog & book make a significant contribution to changing the way men (& some women) think.

    What you're doing is worthwhile, even if not enough people remember to say thank you.

    Thank You! :-)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Read Brendan's comments to this thread:

    He pretty much explains we he finally got fed up with traditionalists.


  8. Anonymous says:

    The thing I find the most curious about Brendan is that he agreed with the basic arguments of the radical MRAs yet women didn't recoil from him at all because he made his arguments in a dry, matter-of-fact way:


  9. Hackworth says:

    I suppose blogs have a lifetime just like any other living, growing thing. Thank you for yours. Here's why you matter to me:

    Roissy/Chateau/Heartiste helped open my eyes gave me that shock of recognition, a sight of the undeniable truth, but you in particular (along with Badger, Keoni Galt, Susan Walsh, and Delusion Damage and others) really gave me a context and a language to understand myself so much better, and a concrete and believable plan to make a difference in my life. I've still got lots of problems (in fact you've all helped me see problems I had but didn't realize, so it sometimes seems I have MORE problems than a couple of years ago), but I finally have the language to understand myself and women much better, and I finally have what I believe is a plan that will really make a difference.

    Though it's difficult for me, it goes against my upbringing and previous self-image, I finally understand why I am as shallow as I always secretly knew I was, but always wanted to deny. I don't always own that like I should, but at least I now consider the possibility. I've tried all kinds of stuff that was ALMOST right, learned to play guitar, bought "hot" cars, fretted about my weight and physique (but never did anything real about it…. until recently), but none of these ever worked; somehow I always knew they were just a coat of paint on a rotten timber, but I never understood until recently what the strength of the timber really meant. And without being able to believe in these changes, well….

    Thank you so much, for your insight, your diligence, your ability to interpret life as informed by your medical training, and especially for your perspective, coming from a "nice guy" upbringing/past. The PUA stuff always before felt like it would work only for a different kind of guy than I am or could be. That perspective, and that hope is incredibly valuable to me.

    This is going on too long, but I really needed to say thanks. I'm also aggressively buying copies of the book for myself and my friends, which I know is another way. In fact, I've got a business trip coming up, so it's time to buy an electronic version….

    Thanks so much


  10. Athol Kay says:

    Hollenhund – gaining the agreement of women is going to be a requirement for any productive men's rights changes. The neutral language and tone Brendan used is quite valuable for that. It's one of the reasons I say "Fitness Tests" instead of "Shit Tests" for example.

    There needs to be a win-win solution for men and women as much as possible.

    It's slow going.

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