Another Man Moves In And Works The L-Spot…

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “Work The L-Spot: She Will Beg You For More“:
About a year ago another man moved in on my wife and nailed the L-Spot. This was hard for me, especially because years ago I was real good on the L-Spot, or so I thought (and we’re still married and together, so this gets interesting.) But despite my best efforts she didn’t like me doing it — the wash, that is. Soon the dryer was full and clothes in the washer were getting musty because other work had to be done. Then one day I spattered bleach. That ended it. No more L-Spot for me. Banished.
So how did this other man move in and provide glee and pure delight in my wife’s L-Spot? Simple: He developed a genuine desire for it, rooted in curiosity and a can-do attitude, celebrating the accomplishment every dang time: Empty the dryer, then load wets into the dryer, and then dirties into the washer. Get the machines going and help fold the clean. He was actually crushed when the laundry was caught up!
And there was no way I could stop this man: He’s my (at the time) two-and-a-half year old son. 30 months old, doing the wash (with a little bit of help). So I just stick to doing dishes and washing down the kitchen counters, cabinets, etc. every night. It doesn’t do a dang thing for my sex life, but I do have the satisfaction of knowing she’s happier.
Now I just gotta get this three year old to stop nagging me about my clothes strewn around the bathroom. Crimony.
- Jc
PS: Guys, do not figure out or learn how to fold clothes; let your woman teach you how she wants it done.
PPS: And don’t forget to pump iron: Do your own shirts and pants.
Athol: Too cute! Good writing is good writing.


  1. Aww, so cute. I love it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is it Alpha and beta to get another man to work the L spot?

  3. In this case it is a perfect Alpha/Beta move. :)

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