Date Night Review: Tips and Tricks

 Finally catching up after the date night I surprised Jennifer with. Here’s what we did…

…I took her on a clothes shopping spree of epic proportions…

Grand total…. about $400 or so, we think. We have no idea the value of the kimono, so not counted toward the $400.
But… we did it all in consignment shops, so only spent $98 total.
Here’s the trick, start Googling for consignment shops in the rich suburbs or towns. The cast offs are so much better value and quality than that in the lower and middle class areas. I mean you want to pay $5 for a $20 shirt? Or would you rather pay $10 for a $40 shirt? The party dress was $30, looks great on Jennifer and we’re being conservative at the $100 value. Some of those clothes still had the original store tags on them, so it’s not even like you’re always shopping for second hand stuff.
Just keep Googling up until you have a bunch of consignment stores you can visit. Then using Mapquest, order them into a nice route to go on and grab your girl and go. If you’re in Connecticut this will be meaningful…. we drove from Bristol (home) for about 25 minutes up into Simsbury (2 stores), down to Avon (1 store and a stop for coffee), and then into Canton (2 stores). Total drive time from the first place in Simsbury to the last stop in Canton was about 20 minutes tops.
Jennifer loves shopping for sales and loves consignment stores as well, but she’d never thought about driving to the richer towns to do it. So for her, this was pure catnip. We spent just under $100 on our “activity”, plus she was wanting a couple new shirts anyway, plus we got a couple gifts for the kids, a freaking awesome party dress for her, and a pretty pink kimono which I had her in later on in the evening.
And don’t worry about the names of the stores. “Teenage Wasteland Consignment” in Simsbury sounded like the worst one of them all, but was easily the best stop for us.
And so to dinner…
As I said in an earlier post, I’m pretty happy with a cheeseburger and fries, but Jennifer likes more variety and I try not to be too boring. I have no clue what restaurants are out there. I especially have no idea what is out in the Simsbury/Avon/Canton area. My main concern is not accidentally stumbling into a place where the menu doesn’t have any prices listed.
My ace-in-the-hole is Open Table. Restaurant reviews, price lists, links to the restaurant menus and directions, type of food served and more. Everything right there. Like I said I was, I’m a cheeseburger guy, but looking on Open Table I feel like I’m a gastronaut.
Unfortunately Open Table is only good for NY/CT so if you are somewhere else, start Googling for your local restaurant review and reservation website. We end in Canton, so the options are narrowed down to “Feng” which is a fucking expensive Japanese Steakhouse and “Dish’n’Dat” a sort of an upscale diner. They are in the same little shopping mall thing, and directly opposite each other, either rocks and Jennifer makes a fabulous choice.
She has the spicy fish tortilla, and I’m daring and brave and have a BLT. In an interesting Alpha moment, or maybe it’s a Beta one, she’d actually decided on having a salad, and I pointed out that she might like the spicy fish tortilla. She changed her mind and naturally loved what she ate. So hmmm… she supposedly loves variety of food, but I’m getting ridiculously good at picking out what she chooses off a menu. In any case, I get points for it lol.
And home…
I’d like to say that as soon as we got in the door we started ripping clothes off and I took her against the front door. In reality we disposed of a dead mouse our cat was proudly guarding on the front steps. After that I snapped the photos of the clothes above and Jennifer ran the numbers on what we would have paid. I got a quickee massage and fell asleep for about ten minutes, Jennifer took a bath and reappeared in the pink kimono.
We settled in together and watched Penny Flame’s Guide to Rough Sex. Very little that we hadn’t already tried together, but the intensity of the roughness was several steps above anything we’ve done and not as far as either one of us feels comfortable going to. I like the symbolism of the roughness stating dominance over Jennifer, but not coming anywhere close to actually beating her. It’s one thing doing a gentle push downward on the top of her head during a blowjob, it’s another to force the matter so hard you can hear her actually gagging and coming close to throwing up. It’s also kinda silly that the instructional warnings in the first segment were all basically broken in the scenes that followed. (I’m not formally recommending the DVD, just saying we watched it.)  So even though it wasn’t quite perfect, it was sexually interesting to me, and that is something I find very soothing as the higher stimulation partner of the two of us.
Of course that was the video Jennifer chose out of a small selection I offered her, so naturally we went to the high end of our roughness. No bruises, no marks, we’re just both pretty tired today lol. I’ve also got to say I liked noticing her much improved muscle tone on her back and ass as she lay across my lap. I do formally recommend the Supreme 90 Day DVDs. We’re only at day 12.


  1. And most of it's pink. ;)

  2. Mommy wants to be a MILF says:

    Wow, so simple and yet thoughtful plus inexpensive. Your wife is a lucky lady.

  3. Stephenie Rowling says:

    Heh why do I get the feeling that all your male commenters are scratching their heads about this? What?! Shopping?! Really?!

  4. Athol Kay says:

    Stephenie – lol maybe. But it was absolutely targeted on Jennifer who was enjoying a tsunami of dopamine.

    She was very likely squealing the whole thing to her friends at work as well. So she runs pre-selection game for me all by herself.

    Enna – yes a lot of pink… funny that.

    Mommy MILF – thanks!

  5. OK I give up, what team is the Samsung jersey?

  6. Athol Kay says:

    Elhaf – Chelesa. Don't care about Chelesa in particular, but the fabric is perfect for working out in.

  7. wife10yearsin says:

    Ha – I used to live very near to all those towns you were in. Funny to see their names again.

    I really like the planning you did – I may have missed this somewhere else, but how often do you two have a planned date night like this?

  8. Athol Kay says:

    Wife10yearsin – we don't do a Date Night very often at all. Maybe about every three or four months.

    We walk together a lot and we do Date Breakfast out a lot though.

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    wow she bought all this stuff? I can't belive it!… I can't imagine the bill..

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