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It probably sounds dull, but on the heels of the replacement fridge, (Athol +1) I finally¬†got around to putting in a new faucet for the kitchen sink. The damn thing had been dripping for ages unless you jiggled the handle just right, and it was progressively taking more jiggling. The kids never got the knack and I’d come into the kitchen and find a slow but steady stream of water flowing. It would kinda piss me off, but I never made an issue of it because it just really needed replacing.
Doing anything plumbing related comes with the terror that you will somehow screw it up and many things that should stay dry will get very, very wet in a very short space of time. As it was, it went pretty smoothly and I feel silly for having waited so long.  (Athol +1)
I also put together the little grill we collected last weekend. (Athol +1)
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  1. Robertson says:

    I went ahead and got that workout set, and it's kicking my butt…in a good way. I haven't tried following the food plan though, that's a bit daunting.

  2. "She is my home."

    Awww, I seriously doubt it's the dopamine.

  3. Looking Glass says:

    @ Athol:

    Good post. And, yeah, if you're not used to plumbing, it can be an unfun time.

    You also might like: . It's a way to augment your exercise. That, and Marten will give you so many medical journal explanations for his suggestions. Won't work for everyone, but just a suggestion to help.

  4. "I've lost 3% body fat since we started… but I've not lost any weight. So minus six pounds of fat, plus six pounds of muscle."

    I started Supreme 90 about the same time as you (am a week behind due to last week's vacation) and have experienced the same phenomenon… no weight loss but noticable muscle toning. Granteed, I lost 20 lbs earlier this year prior to starting Supreme 90, so all my 'easy to lose' weight was already gone. I have no idea how much body fat I've lost, other than to say it is a visually noticeable amount around my abdomen (which looks better anyway due to the 10,000 bicycle crunches and 'side to sides' I've done), the fat loss is slowly moving out to my obliques and shows promising signs of spreading to my love handles.

    Supreme 90 is probably the best investment I've made this year. And I don't even attempt to do their health nut diet. Thanks for the tip!

  5. How is Supreme 90 on the knees? I don't want to push myself into knee surgery.

    I love to walk and use the Eliptical due to the low impact on my body. I would love to add something like this but not if I end up getting hurt.

  6. Lainey, the only thing I can think of in this program that might be hard on the knees are the lunges. You do a *lot* of lunges. Regular lunges, reverse lunges, side lunges, lunges while holding weights… they can put some stress on your knees, but with healthy knees it should be manageable if you keep good form… if you don't keep good form you're going to tear yourself up anyway.

  7. Thanks, Eric. That's a lot of lunges. I may need to look into something else.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Athol –

    Can it be you are just a few years too young to make the Talking Heads connection to your altered state and the thought "how did I get here"?

  9. Athol Kay says:

    LOL Anon, that's way back in the day isn't it.

  10. Stingray says:


    This is what I use and I love it.

    It is gear toward going to the gym though. While it does have some recommendations towards how to do it at home I understand this is far better in that regard (though I have not looked at it myself):

    As these are books you are on your own as far as motivation goes. For me this is ideal, though I know it is not for everyone.

  11. Thanks for the recommendation, Stingray. Those books have good reviews. We have a really nice weight set that I have not used yet (hubster and oldest son are health nuts).

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